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Below you will find a comprehensive list with noteworthy info and links to my various Toon Tuesday character posts (and related content). Sorted by RPG, then character class (where applicable), and in chronologically descending order (top post is most recent in that category). I will try to keep this up to date as each new character is posted.
Total Character Count: 57


Rifts (Total: 37)
Men at Arms:
Madd Maxine: Human Roadganger:
 Australian setting, Major Psionic based around surviving the Outback (or a fight). Got a kickass car and she knows how to use it.

Ripley: Human Tundra Ranger: Lawman-type, African Canadian, liaison for Inuit peoples.

Whistler: Auto-G Gunslinger: Shapeshifter (can replicate DNA and appearance), outlaw/bounty hunter type, extreme marksman, extremely charming/attractive.

Topher: Grackle Tooth Merc Soldier: Badass, gun-toting lizard, heavy weapons skill set, supernatural strength, MDC.

Captain Reed: Bayou Ursine River Pirate: Level 10 NPC villain, leader of Harpoon’s Folly pirate crew operation, unique natural abilities, magic weapons, great resources.

Jules: Human Power Armour Pilot: Retired from Coalition, has her own power armour sets, uses armour to protect people.

Cotton: Human Cyber-Knight: Psychic healing abilities, uses a psionic katana, fond of children, runs an orphanage.

Tall Elk: Mastodonoid Totem Warrior: Mastodon-like D-Bee, immensely powerful, MDC, native transformation abilities, paired with Lifemate, Snow Bison.

Lo: Greot Headhunter: Bounty hunter, cybernetic enhancements, supernaturally strong, MDC, gang ties, all around bad dude.

Adventurers and Scholars:
Chester Emmett: Human Body Fixer:
 Fully trained and licensed Medical Doctor, genius, high trust value. medical skills.

Redcloak: Freeborn Dog-Boy Wilderness Scout: Deaf Rottweiler, supernatural endurance, wilderness skills.

Bram: Ape Boy Tech: Level 6, escaped experimental Lone Star gorilla mutant, genius, Operator type skills.

The Playwright: Phlebus Vagabond: Shape shifting abilities, skilled performer and writer.

Ferret: Human Maze Rat: Street runner, bike messenger, some cybernetics.

Edgar: Human Rogue Scholar: Professor of history/lore, former CS scientist, hacking/forgery skills, collects pre-Rifts artifacts, minor psionics.

Big Ted: Larmac Saloon Bum: Nearly incomparable drinking ability, lazy lizard D-Bee, bully.

Helen: Human Vagabond: Jack of many trades, expert beggar and musician, very charismatic, heart defect, short lifespan.

Ra: D’norr Devilman Body Fixer: Professional medical doctor, other medical and scientific skills, no combat or physical skills, very charming, genius intellect.

Wid: Iktektumik Digger Hunter-Gatherer: Armadillo-ish digging D-Bee, skilled with a spear and wilderness knowledge, augmented strength, MDC, slight psychic abilities.

Wire Witch: Human Psi-Operator: Considered a major psychic, can control machines/electricity, genius intellect, very skilled with mechanics, hacking, and electronics.

Rok: Tokanii Wilderness Scout: Supernatural strength, MDC, one of the rarer good aligned Tokanii, mountain guide.

Practitioners of Magic:
The Seeker: Human Battle Magus Controller: Magic link with golems, Federation of Magic, travels to find lost golems.

Dustbin Durvin: Dwarf Techno-Wizard: Paranoid inventor, rich inventor family, highly intelligent.

Whitehowl: Septumbran Witch Wolf Shifter: Level 6 NPC villain, designed for horror campaign, giant spider familiar, demon lord master, summons demons/monsters, cannibal and murderer, creepy and powerful magic.

Jadesky: Earth/Air Elemental Fusionist: Powerful earth and air elemental magic, very strong, skilled miner/spelunker/excavation expert.

The Last Hammer: Human Scathac Druid: Magic blacksmith, Magic items and weapons, Faerie friend, trying to rebuild clan.

Odd Maria: Human Shifter: Portal jumping more than summoning, BookWyrm familiar, magic spells.

Snow Bison: Mastodonoid Animal Shaman: Mastodon-like D-Bee, powerful native magic regarding animals, MDC, paired with Lifemate, Tall Elk.

Sue: Human Burster: Firefighting firestarter, can completely control flame, gang ties.

Tall Boy the Grackle Tooth Burster: Bipedal reptilian MDC creature, but with a firepower psionic twist! Australia.

Racial Character Classes (R.C.C.s w/o O.C.C.s):
Z: Zenith Moon Warper: Werewolf-like MDC race, espionage skills, healing psionics, frees slaves.

Fisher: Obsedai: Golem-like rock creature, can battle rage, friend of the Fae Folk, gentle giant.

Banjo: Kwarla Demon Hunter: Australian humanoid koala, supernatural damage to evil, monster/demon hunter.

Quill: Vintex Warrior: Military trained bodygaurd/personal servant, MDC, augmented strength, spiked tail is a natural weapon.

Coalition O.C.C.s:
O-2 Cooper: CS Navy Sailor: Medic, veterinary focus, dedicated soldier.

Sonic: CS Navy Sea Dog-Boy: Demolitions expert, very fast, trained for underwater missions.

Eli: Dog-Boy CS Officer: Elkhound breed, high stats, incredibly charismatic and beautiful, trained to infiltrate and assess towns for potential threats to CS.


Savage Worlds (Total: 0)
None yet, but keep an eye out in the future! Especially for Savage Rifts!

Dungeons and Dragons (Total: 0)
Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t done any yet. Keep an eye out in the future – I’ll likely start with Fifth Edition.


Warcraft: The Role Playing Game (Total: 5)
Briarhorn: Healer and Druid of the Wild: Level 5 Healer, level 9 Druid of the Wild, neutral ally, Cenarion Circle Elder Druid, personal character (my own artwork included).

Grindgear: Goblin Tinkerer: Specializes in inventing and then subsequently exploding.

Vorrk: Orc Barbarian and Blademaster: Level 5 Barbarian, level 5 Blademaster, rare thorium weapons, wolf mount, prestige class.

Gripbark: Furbolg Fighter: Incredible Strength/Dexterity, designed as a grappling brawler, Diehard and Power strike feats, neutral.

Tuulok: Tuskarr Scout: Very high Wisdom, seeks to record and study animal life, turtle mount, skilled hunter, neutral.


Pathfinder (Total: 4)
Moose: Gnome Bard: Plays the fiddle and sings, casual illusionist.

Brightbottle: Dwarf Paladin: High Wisdom/Constitution, protector of families, children, and Mothers, truly good.

Ziznert: Gnome Rogue: Considers self to be a bounty hunter, high Dexterity/Intellect/Charisma, special talent with poisons.


Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder (Total: 2)
Sherman: Scilinoid Soldier: Golem-like rock/crystal creature, bodygaurd to ambassador, warrior poet.

Rodo the Small: Pookah Warrior: Badger-type alien, skilled/known for felling larger opponents, very small in size.


Shadowrun (Total: 2)
Zeke: Troll Enforcer: Strong and tough, enforces gang law and retribution. Built in 3E.

Skipjack: Dwarf Hacker: Fully equipped hacker, works from the inside of a big corporation to take it down. Built in 3E.


FATE Core (Total: 3)
Nora, Cornelia, and Magatha: Captain, Mage, and Thief: 3 characters, stories/aspects tied to each other, captain of the guard, princess mage, truly awful thief.


Breachworld (Total: 5)
Smoothshot, Dojin, and Lady Grey: 3 characters, a human bounty hunter, a disabled Elder scientist, and a Tusk diplomat.

Dugan: Reptilian Raider Captain: Leader of a smallish band of thieves, Trapcat mount/companion.

Luke: River Folk Thief: Stole to save clan, stuck to the thrill of thievery.

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