Toon Tuesday: Wire Witch the Human Psi-Operator (Rifts)

I think the Operator O.C.C. is honestly my favourite of all that Rifts offers. While not mechanically or technologically inclined myself, I absolutely love playing characters who could rig up a weaponized vehicle or hack into a secure network! And I’ve never written a Psi-Operator, so this was a lot of fun! Note that I’ve started assigning locations to most gear. While it’s a pain, the fact of the matter is that a lot of it isn’t necessarily on your character’s person if they have a home or vehicle, and if you should have your backpack snatched, perhaps it’s good not to store everything in it?

EDIT 10/2014: I have played this character and found her to be a lot of fun! Very comprehensive skills and an excellent supportive character who is surprisingly sturdy in combat as well.

Game: Palladium Books’ Rifts RPG
Books Needed: Rifts: Ultimate Edition.
Recommended Setting: Suited to technical support roles, good for any campaign or group, especially in matters of repair, hacking, and the stealing and trading of information and programs.


An Operator souping up a console.

General Information
Name: Wire Witch (or just “Witch” or “Wire”)
Exp. Level: One
R.C.C.: Not applicable, Human.
O.C.C.: Psi-Operator
Alignment: Unprincipled
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: Not applicable.
Charm/Impress: Not applicable.
Health Points: 14 (+1D6/lvl)
S.D.C.: 36 (+1D6/lvl)
M.D.C.: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: 7 (permanent)
I.S.P.: 34 (+1D6+1/lvl)
Chi: Not applicable.
Horror Factor: None.

IQ: 25 (+11% to all new skills)
MA: 15
ME: 15
PS: 17 (Lift/Carry: 680/340lbs)
PP: 18
PE: 14
PB: 12
SPD: 9 (Run: 6mph)

Hand to Hand: Basic
Attacks: 4
+Damage: 2
+Strike: 2
+Dodge: 2
+Parry: 2
+Roll: 2
+Restrain Punch: 2
+Initiative: 0
+Perception: 2

Fist Punch 1D4
Power Punch 1D4×2 (counts as 2 attacks)
Backhand 1D4
Elbow 1D6
Kick 1D8
Power Kick 1D8×2 (counts as 2 attacks)
Knee 1D6

Racial Natural Abilities
Not applicable.

Occupational Natural Abilities
Jury-Rig Can slap together solid, temporary repairs in half the time that last twice as long as the Jury-Rig skill.

Find Parts and Components +20% to Find Contraband skill in relation to vehicular M.D. weapons, M.D.C. materials, power supplies, communications systems, electronics, generators, fuel, and mechanical parts and components. Also receives these items at a discount; 30% off as professional courtesy from most Operators and the Black Market, 50% off from junkyards and salvage companies, and 65% off if she trades 12 hours of her time in work for free (each 12 hours is worth up to 100,000 credits off the cost.)

Recognize Machine Quality Can tell if a machine is new or used, defective, rebuilt, high or low quality, a fair price, and if it’s actually what she needs or not. Applies to most vehicles, electronics, machines, parts, and tools. Base skill: 69% +3%/lvl

Repair and Soup Up Machines and Vehicles
On the Cheap: Can repair most vehicles, parts, and machines (requires the necessary parts and time) at 25% of the original list price (plus her time if she’s charging, an additional 30-50%.)
Replace M.D.C.: On the main body and key sections at a cost of 1200 credits per one point of M.D.C. (cannot exceed the original M.D.C..)
Add M.D.C.: To brand new vehicles and body armour, with the increase depending on her skill and level (+5% at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.)
Maximize Performance: Can tweak most any vehicle, engine, or machine to run and perform better. Can increase Spd 20%, range (weapons, radio signals, sensors, etc.) by 10%, reduce weight by 10%, and add one weapon or feature per each body area of a vehicle or standing fortification (front/nose, midsection, rear section, top/roof, bottom/undercarriage, and wing.)

+Save Vs.
+Coma/Death: None.
+Disease: 2
+Insanity: None.
+Poison/Toxins: None.
+Magic: None.
+Ritual Magic: None.
+Psionics: None.
+Harmful Drugs: None.
+Possession: None.
+Pain: None.
+Horror Factor: None.
+Fatigue: 2

R.C.C. Skills: Not applicable.
R.C.C. Related Skills:
Not applicable.

O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Native: American 98% (max)
Language: Other: Spanish 98% (max)
Literacy: Native: American 98% (max)
Mathematics: Basic 76% +5%/lvl
Computer Operation 66% +5%/lvl
Computer Repair 56% +5%/lvl
Electrical Engineering 66% +5%/lvl
Find Contraband 52% +4%/lvl
Jury-Rig 76% +5%/lvl (see Jury-Rig O.C.C. Ability)
Mechanical Engineering 56% +5%/lvl
Pilot: Airplane 76% +4%/lvl
Pilot: Motorcycle and Snowmobile 86% +4%/lvl
Pilot: Truck 66% +4%/lvl
Radio: Basic 71% +5%/lvl
Sensory Equipment 61% +5%/lvl
Weapons Engineer 51% +5%/lvl (+1 strike when using heavy duty weapons or vehicular weapon systems)

O.C.C. Related Skills: (+2 skills at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.)
Automotive Mechanics 46% +5%/lvl
Bioware Mechanics 51% +5%/lvl
Computer Hacking 51% +5%/lvl
Artificial Intelligence 51% +3%/lvl

Secondary Skills: (+1 skill at levels 4, 8, 12, and 14.)
Mathematics: Advanced 56% +5%/lvl
Computer Programming 46% +5%/lvl
Salvage 46% +5%/lvl
Cooking 46% +5%/lvl

Weapon Proficiencies
Blunt (+1 strike/parry 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. +1 strike when thrown 5, 10, 15, not designed for throwing.)
Energy Pistol (+1 strike 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13.)

Large Wrench 2D6
Hammer 2D6

NG-57 Northern Gun Heavy Duty Ion Blaster Weight: 5lbs. Damage: Two settings, 2D4 M.D. or 3D6 M.D.. Rate of Fire: Each blast counts as one melee. Effective Range: 550ft.. Payload: 10 shots. Ammo: E-Clips ×4.

Hunstman Main Body: 46 M.D.C., Head: 36 M.D.C., Arms: 16 M.D.C. each, Legs: 26 M.D.C. each. Weight: 14lbs, fair mobility, -9% movement capability. Increased M.D.C. capacity, lighter weight, and better mobility from Operator modifications.

Vehicles/Riding Animals
Mountaineer ATV Vehicle Type: Armoured, 3 wheeled ATV transport vehicle. Crew: 1 pilot, 4 passengers comfortably, plus cargo area. Maximum Speed: 144mph. Engine: Electric. Maximum Range: 600mi. Size: 25ft long, 18ft tall, 5.5 tonnes. Main Body: 231 M.D.C.. Super Tires (4): 28 M.D.C. each. Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment: 55 M.D.C.. Weapon: (Roof) Swivel Mounted L20 Laser Pulse Rifle, 2D6 M.D. single shot or 6D6 M.D.C. 3 shot burst, range of 1760ft, payload of 50. Serves as her home (sectioned off cargo area for sleeping area, installed plumbing, shower stall, kitchenette, etc.,) her motorcycle is parked in the remaining storage not littered with electrical/mechanical parts. Increased M.D.C. capacity, lighter weight, living amenities, added weapon, and better mobility from Operator modifications. Can recharge batteries with Electrokinesis psionic.

Wastelander Motorcycle Crew: 1 rider, plus large storage compartment. Maximum Speed: 144mph. Engine: Electric. Maximum Range: 400mi. Size: 9ft long, 720lbs. Main Body: 66 M.D.C.. Tires (2): 3 M.D.C. each. Increased M.D.C. capacity, lighter weight, looking to add weapon, and better mobility from Operator modifications. Can recharge batteries with Electrokinesis psionic. Stored in the Mountaineer ATV’s cargo area.

Portable toolkit (with electronic screwdriver and additional interchangeable heads, wrenches, etc., stored in backpack)
Large toolkit (stored in ATV)
Soldering iron (stored in backpack)
Laser torch (for welding) (stored in backpack)
Roll of duct tape (stored in backpack)
Roll of electrical tape ×2 (stored in backpack)
Pen flashlight
Large flashlight (stored in ATV)
Flares ×12 (×10 stored in large toolkit, x2 in portable toolkit)
Rope 200ft (super lightweight, only 10lbs) (stored in ATV)
Small knives ×3 (1D6) (×2 stored in ATV, x1 in portable toolkit)
Notebook (stored in large toolkit)
Pocket notepad
Pens ×4 (×2 in each portable and large toolkit)
Portable disc recorder (stored in backpack)
Portable language translator (stored in backpack)
Protective goggles ×2 (×1 in each portable and large toolkit)
Work gloves (stored in backpack)
Thin doctor’s gloves ×4 pairs (stored in large toolkit)
Satchel (stored in backpack)
Large sack (stored in ATV)
Canteen ×2 (×1 each in backpack and ATV)
Set of work clothes (black coveralls, name patch that says “Wire Witch” and an arm patch that says “No, I will not fix your computer.”)
Extra coveralls ×3 (Black ×1, Navy ×2, all have identical patches sewn on, stored in ATV)
Utility belt
Air filter (stored in backpack)
Personal items (old USB drive with scanned drawings and blueprints, an old science fiction book with some pressed flowers inside, notebooks and binders full of Operator type knowledge/schematics and personal designs, etc., stored in ATV)
Random sci-fi novels ×12 (stored in ATV)
Random fantasy novels ×6 (stored in ATV)
Random other novels/textbooks ×5 (stored in ATV)
Various electronic/mechanical components (various bits stored in backpack, ATV, or toolkits)

1020 credits, 20000 in Black Market parts/machines/blueprints/books

Not applicable.

Psionics (+1 additional psionic from page 92 Rifts: Ultimate Edition at levels 4, 8, and 12.)
Electric Resistance Cost: 4 I.S.P.. Range: Self. Duration: 3mins/lvl. Can manipulate her body to become resistant to electrical shock. Up to 60000 volts can be taken with no damage or ill effect. Currents greater than 60000 volts (including lightning and magic electric attacks) do half damage.
Electrical Discharge Cost: 2 I.S.P. per discharge. Range: Touch or 2ft. Duration: Instant. Can emit static electricity within a 6ft area as well as an electric discharge by touch. Discharge can be a little jolt or inflict as much as 1D6 as often as once per melee.
Electrical M.D. Attack Costs: 6 I.S.P. for 1D6 M.D. blast, 12 I.S.P. for 2D6 M.D. blast, 18 I.S.P. for 3D6 M.D. blast. Range: Touch or 10ft/level. Duration: Instant. Can fire a light M.D. blast of electricity.
Manipulate Electrical Devices Cost: 4 I.S.P./12 electrical functions (can be performed all at once or held.) Range: 45ft +5ft/lvl (she does not need to see the devices to manipulate them, she can feel their presence.) Duration: 2mins/lvl. Through focused thought, she can enforce a limited control over electrical devices, such as turning off/on light switches, vehicles, computers, televisions, blenders, radios, microwave ovens, flashlights, toys, windshield wipers and all types of electrically or battery operated appliances, toys, and devices. She can also manipulate the controls of the device, suh as adjusting volume, channel selection, tuning, speakers, change speed, dim lights, etc..
Sense Electricity Cost: 2 I.S.P./2mins duration. Range: 45ft +5ft/lvl. Duration: 2mins/lvl. Can feel or sense electricity and determine its location with fair accuracy. Extreme sensitivity to all sources in her range, can pinpoint all. Base Skill: 66% +5%/lvl. A failed roll indicates that only 1D6x10% of the total sources could be identified and located.

Telemechanics Cost: 10 I.S.P.. Range: Touch or up to 5ft. Duration: 10mins +2mins/lvl. Saving Throw: None. She can mentally communicate and understand mechanical and electrical machines/devices/objects. Can be used on any non artificially intellegent machine (including but not limited to an airplane, gun, bicycle, etc..) Using this ability gives her complete (though temporary) knowledge of how the object operates; everything from complete schematic diagram to operations and processes is seen in her mind’s eye (equivalent to a skill expertise of 88% with all aspects of the mahine.) Can understand not only repair, programming, and access codes, but communicate telepathically with it (I.e., can access a computer’s memory bank without using a terminal because the information is sent directly into her mind.)

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Power Armour
Not applicable.

Personal Information
True Name: Rita Belhaven
Gender: Female
Occupation: Programmer/Hacker and Mechanic
Age: 36
Lifespan: 76
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 152 lbs.
Description: Black hair (kept short) and dark brown skin, light brown eyes, stocky in the shoulders and arms. Tattoos in a mechanical/electrical mashup of circuitry and gears covering her left arm up to her wrist (covered by sleeves, not magical.) Lip ring, lower left side. Most often wearing her coveralls as opposed to casual wear, a worn, black cadet’s cap on her head with her penlight regularly clipped to the bill (when forward facing.) Steel toe boots, black.
Insanity(s): Phobia: Drugs and Hypodermic Needles.
Sentiments Toward Coalition State: Distaste for their tactics and slaughter of D-Bees, general distrust of their followers. Willing to do jobs for CS soldiers and officials, but not weapon work. Hates how the CS burns books and purposefully weeded out literacy in their territories.
Sentiments Toward D-Bees: Likes them, believes they deserve equality.
Sentiments Toward Humans: Not applicable.

Background: Was born into a scholarly family in a medium sized town that was friendly to magic, psionics, and D-Bees. Once her psionic abilities manifested, she was taken into an apprenticeship with a skilled Malvoren (who was practically an Operator in his own right and able to understand her telepathic connection with machinery and electronics.) Once she reached adulthood, she set out to use her skills to help the people who need it, as well as preserve as much knowledge as she could to pass on. Looking for the right apprentice to train. Loves to read, especialy old science fiction books (that were so, so wrong, but brilliant,) spends extra cash on complete books where she can, and gives many of them away to encourage literacy.
Family Tree: Mother is a Cyber-Doc, Father is a Rogue Scholar. Two younger Brothers, one is a Body-Fixer and the other a Wilderness Scout (he has slight psionic ability,) both left home. Still in regular contact with her family and occasional contact with her former teacher.

Happy Gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Rifts is the sole property of Palladium Books and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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