House Rules

Rifts Specific Rules
1. MDC is ×10.
2. Armor Rating is determined by the DM unless otherwise noted.
3. In a situation where the player guesses high or low on a percentile roll, should they guess incorrectly they may hazard a guess at the exact percentile for a miraculous success.
4. When rolling characters, 1 is a reroll (any subsequent 1 from that reroll is kept) and 6 is an extra roll (with any subsequent 6 being added to the original, and any 1 occurring after the initial 6 is kept.)
5. Character creation is subject to GM approval, including but not limited to RCC, OCC, equipment, backstory, and insanities/disabilities. If a character sheet is suspicious (and was not rolled in front of the GM) it is subject to be rerolled under GM supervision.
6. After skill selection, total up the level increase percents for all skills. This will be your ‘skill pool’, which, upon leveling up, you may allocate points to skills of your choosing. The point allocation can not exceed the character’s IQ stat. This allows for a feeling of specializing your character.
7. As a DM, I will let you try almost anything, even if it doesn’t seem likely to work. This does not guarantee success, but provides a fun, zany outlet for finding solutions.
8. Your character can attempt a skill they do not have. You must use percentiles, and you want to roll high (not low like a learned skill.) DM rates success of roll.
9. If selecting an R.C.C. who also has optional O.C.C.s, the character may have both the R.C.C. and O.C.C. Skills, as well as the O.C.C. Related and Secondary Skills, but not the R.C.C. Related or Secondary Skills sets. If both sets of skills have he same skill bonus during character creation, take the higher bonus. Depending upon DM approval, this may be reversed. Character also gets both the R.C.C. and O.C.C Natural Abilities. In this situation, character typically has O.C.C. gear selection.
10. Dog-Boys created or born in the Coalition military have a unique serial number (also stored in their ID chip.) Example identification number, E-478HOBBESMASON-3-CT; E = first letter of name, 478 = breeding or genetics group, HOBBESMASON = parents’ names if applicable or scientist assigned to creation, 3 = birth order, CT = born/created in Chi-Town (LS for Lone Star, etc..) The resulting offspring (if born naturally) is assigned the last name of the parent whom they most resemble attribute-wise later during training. This identification process was borrowed from the forums, and it’s such a great idea that I use it for all my CS Dog-Boys.
11. High IQ means characters get a one time bonus to all starting skills (and new skills gained thereafter.) This bonus is also applied to any R.C.C. or O.C.C. special skills, and is also applied to any skill penalties (such as a penalty for performing medical procedures on an alien race going from -30% to -26% if the character’s skill bonus from their IQ were +4%.)
12. All characters begin with one insanity, this only increases for starting characters if they have experienced a near death or trauma in their past.
13. Skills such as Computer Operation require Literacy, but in the case where they are O.C.C./R.C.C. automatic skills while Literacy is not, then Literacy at the basic skill (40% +3%/lvl) with no bonuses is also included.

Other RPGs’ house rules to be added as they are created!

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  3. Love the rule about skill specializing. Do you mind if I share it in my Rifts Blog ( Thanks.


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