About “The Dungeon Rat”

Hey there, The Dungeon Rat here! I’ve gone by a couple different handles online, but this is the one that stuck, and here we are.

I love writing up characters, it’s probably my favorite part about RPGs. But I know that it’s not for everyone and that certain systems make it a difficult and tedious process at times. Take my favorite game Rifts (by Palladium Books), it’s a rough system, and the character creation process is daunting to even experienced players and Dungeon Masters! But I fell in love with the world and the endless potential therein, and wanted to share that hype via pre-gen characters for others to use! So many of us RPG players have experienced the horror of a sudden character death and been totally unprepared; then eating up valuable game night time with having to write a new one, or finding a mysterious closet full of Paladins that happen to be exactly the same as your last adventurer, but with a new name (“Dragoon Burster the Second, thank you, very much!”) So I started this blog to catalog my characters and also so somebody feverishly looking for pre-gens online might find solace here.

I have played a few systems, mainstream and indie titles, and try to stay up on RPG-related news and releases (I used to use Google Plus and Twitter for that, but due to total shut down of the service or megalomania-related ownership, have since stopped). I game somewhat regularly; I’m lucky to have some friends and family who share my passion for RPGs and try their hardest to meet up weekly (sometimes several times a week for different systems and campaigns!) When I’m able to game more often, I’m inspired more often! So if there’s a slew of characters going up, it’s probably because I’ve had a lot of game nights recently. I’ve actually got dozens of character sheets I wrote up for fun that I haven’t managed to convert digitally yet, too, come to think of it…..

Of course, things happen, and life gets in the way sometimes. In the last five years I’ve moved with my two kids, went through divorce, and got surgery on some joints that are causing me issues even though I’m still fairly young! Must be my adventurous spirit…and maybe also poor posture and clumsiness.

A bit about me (huge list forthcoming): I like animals, hard physical work, power tools and fixing things around the house, kayaking and hiking, animated movies, comic books written by women, RPG and resource gathering video games, painting models and miniatures, non-competitive Warhammer40k and Magic: The Gathering, dyeing my hair unnaturally bright colors, writing poetry and short stories that will never see the light of day, protesting, reading fantasy and science fiction novels, drinking unsweetened iced tea, sour candy, and occasionally drawing cartoons on the computer. I try to be kind and helpful in everything I do, and I love sharing creative things with others, whether through a discussion, or just casually shoving it at them like “you should try this, friend”. I always give new players their first set of dice as a gift to get them hooked into the hobby, and I have vases full of extra dice that didn’t make it into my personal use bag. I always strive to have an inclusive table, after all, we want to welcome people into this wonderful world of RPGs, not scare them off!

That’s all for now. I’m not terribly complex, just verbose. This is my concentrating face.


A picture of me, my tongue sticking out as I concentrate on painting some mud on the wheels of some Warhammer40k figures. Picture taken low on a desk, there are other figures and paint pots nearby.