My Tabletop Tools

DM Specific Tools The items and programs which I use when writing up a campaign or running a session. Coming soon.

Blogging Tools The special types of blog posts I use and what their purposes are. I also am working hard to make my blog more accessible to those who are differently abled. I’ve done some research and asking around and have made efforts to make my blog more accessible via reading devices and accessibility programs. Let me know if you use these and if there’s anywhere I can improve!

Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: A short but sweet project review for Kickstarters that could be useful to DMs for gaming purposes. That could be anything from a new role playing game, miniatures and miniature accessories, special notebooks or pens, RPG-centric programs or websites, organizational tools, or other things that may help to ease the workload of a table riding DM. In these reviews I will outline the product or project, pledges, rewards, art or style, add ons, functionality, cost effectiveness, as well as other app
applicable content. Some of these projects I have backed myself (I wish I could back all of them, but my wallet says “no“), and you may even find them on this page as well-utilized tools! These will always be listed in the Kickstarter category.

Groups, Troupes, & Crews: Quick stat write ups for whole operations, from leaders to race breakdown, magic spells to weaponry, basic gear and wealth, notoriety and background, and more! Typically linked to a full character sheet for the leader or some notable member, these posts will serve as a resource for anyone needing a drop-in operation to serve as villains, contacts, or even a starting point for an adventuring party. These will be listed in the Groups, Troups, and Crews category

Open to Close RPG Reviews: When I get a new book or .pdf, I try to read the whole thing (yes, really.) And I intend to put out comprehensive reviews (complete with some pictures and as lacking in spoilers as I can manage) with sections detailing the specific aspects of the game’s design and content. I’ll go over the basics such as character creation, settings, creativity, general layout, art, rule systems, and more. I wish these could be released on a regular basis, but alas, I have other responsibilities and I don’t buy books that often (but I’ve got a large collection I plan to review!) Some of these will be Kickstarter rewards and will have accompanying links, but all will be properly sourced to the company/authors responsible.i am not paid, in any way, for these reviews and my opinions do not necessarily reflect the company’s, authors’, or artists’ views. These will always be listed in the Review category as well as in any applicable role playing titles.

Warhammer Wednesdays: Now, this is not always going to be posted on a Wednesday lol. But I’ve gotten into Warhammer (both 40k and Fantasy/Age of Sigmar) in the last couple years – I’m still very much a novice so this isn’t meant to be a guide or review space. I’m enjoying it, however, and felt like adding it to my blog in case there are some like minded nerds out there that can appreciate how cool painting a mini is and how much strategy goes into a game. I won’t be using these posts as breaking news, discussions on features and models, army suggestions, tournament play, anything like that. It’s more of a…just for fun category. Like, “look at what I painted, isn’t it cool?” sort of thing.

Toon Tuesdays:  Hopefully, this is a recurring event on my blog where I will roll up a character and post it each Tuesday (or every other Tuesday…or near a Tuesday…) The posts will be titled as “Toon Tuesday: [Name] the [Race] [Class] ([RPG])” and can be found in the Toon Tuesday category for easy browsing. For each, I will do a full character workup! This includes all parts of character creation, right down to skills, short backstory, quick stats, and gear. I will also give suggestions on campaign type best suited for the character if possible, and try to add diversity where I can respectfully do so. This will likely be the main focus of my blog, so expect to see a lot of them. Please note that I will not be using character generators.

Some of these posts will even be High Level characters or containing Multiple Characters in one post! For the multi-toon posts, they will most often hail from simpler RPGs or RPGs that have special mechanics which tie the PCs together via backstory. These types of posts will not happen often as they take a lot longer to get done, but they will always be functional and complete when they do turn up!

Obviously, some systems and RPGs require more time and work for character creation, so some will be much longer while others are shorter. To make browsing easier, you can also browse by RPG in the categories, though you will see regular posts of that RPG as well. Also, please keep in mind that the more characters I write, the better I become at organizing abilities, skills, and so on, so some older posts may not be as neatly trimmed down or as precisely set up as newer ones. I am constantly making changes to my blank character templates, hopefully for the better.

And speaking of changes for the better, I include trigger warnings early in the post if I deem them necessary. Typically this is reserved for very mature or disturbing themes – for example, I’ve used warnings for (extreme) gore, domestic abuse, cannibalism, and alcoholism to name a few. I will absolutely never include sexual assault in my write ups or games, so this is not a concern for any of my readers. I do this because people do have triggers, and even of it’s a topic that simply makes you uncomfortable, I’d rather not be responsible for those feelings. If I do miss something please feel free to contact me or comment, I will do my utmost to be accommodating.

If you have any suggestions or requests, I’d be happy to hear them (I am only limited by access to the information needed. While I have many RPGs, either in print or on .pdf, I am missing plenty, even some popular ones.) Simply check out my contact info in the sidebar (or email me directly at

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any images, references, or information is the sole property of said RPG company, often lifted right from the books, and I will do my best to source. I have also made efforts to contact the publishers and creators for image use permissions. I do not support illegal .pdf download and usage, and any material used is from legally obtained/purchased digital files (if available) or physical books.

Please see the Character Index page for a more comprehensive list of completed characters if you’re seeking a specific post or character type.

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