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Triple Toon Tuesday: Nora, Cornelia, and Magatha (Fate Core)

Upon first glance at the Fate Core character sheet, it looked almost laughably simple; truthfully, it was a breeze to charge through creation, but I quickly realized that my write up would be incomplete without more content. After all, the characters were meant to be created together, tied to each other through aspects and trouble. This is a creation concept that I can really get behind as a Dungeon Master! Getting the party together is no longer one of the biggest hurdles to draw an uninspiring blank at. Plus, it helps flesh out your world and adventure before you’ve even started rolling; PC input at its finest!

I really enjoyed writing these because they foster good role playing partnerships and, in a way, together they present an entire adventure hook (making the DM’s job a whole lot easier.) I’d say the hardest part was Stunt creation, but it really is a unique game mechanic that I can appreciate and there are a lot of premade Stunts that EH provides you with.

I left the Consequence slots empty so that, should anyone wish to save or print these characters for use, they could more easily write them in as they go along. Please also note that the Stress Track boxes are actually represented by boxes which you could shade as needed. As these are my first Fate Core characters, I’m always open to advice and suggestions.

Game: Fate Core
Books Needed: Fate Core System, Fate Core System Wiki also used (for Stunts).
Recommended Setting: Medieval fantasy or low tech era (like, flintlock pistols are the fanciest weapons you see.) Obviously designed to function as a starting level party.


Name: Nora Thompson
Description: Tall and muscular with short cropped hair and dark skin, Nora takes her job as Captain seriously; but though the city is practically in shambles, she keeps coming back to the castle with empty manacles. She has a few small scars on her face and arms, and is nearly always seen in her armour and with her sword and shield – not that she ever gets to use them. She is frustrated and confident of her skills, but growing less thankful of her position each day.
Refresh: 3

High Concept: Underutilized Captain of the Guard
Trouble: Bound to a Broken Kingdom
Other Aspects: 1.) The Royalty is Acting Strange; 2.) Information for Your Freedom, Thief; 3.) Rescued by a Princess, of All People

Athletics: +3
Burglary: +0
Contacts: +1
Craft: +0
Deceive: +0
Drive/Ride: +0
Empathy: +0
Fight: +4
Investigate: +2
Lore: +0
Notice: +1
Physique: +3
Provoke: +0
Rapport: +2
Resources: +0
Shoot: +2
Stealth: +1
Will: +1
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Triple Toon Tuesday: Smoothshot, Dojin, and Lady Grey! (Breachworld)

In celebration of the Breachworld website launching (see link below), and because I’ve been itching to write up a couple of new characters for said setting, this Toon Tuesday I offer 3 brand new, fully written and playable Breachworld residents! There is one starting “level” character, one moderate, and one advanced (there isn’t a level system, abilities and skills are upgraded via character points, or CP.) Be sure to check out the website (which looks pretty shiny on my tablet) and think about preordering a copy for yourself (if you haven’t already!)

Game: Breachworld by Jason Richards Publishing.

Character One: Smoothshot

Name: Kyle “Smoothshot” Edison
Race: Human
Age/Gender: 28/Female
Character Points Spent: 30

Might: 2D+2
Agility: 4D
Wit: 3D
Charm: 2D+1

Block: 9
Parry: 12
Dodge: 13
Soak: 8
Movement: 15
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