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Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Dungeons and Lasers!

As one of the lucky ones to get a sample spru of the product, which included a small portion of a hallway/walls and the wolf animal companion, Geralt, I feel very confident that this is a Kickstarter more Dungeon Masters should be backing! Included below is my general review of the project, as well as my own findings when working with the product I received.

Kickstarter Project: Dungeons and Lasers: Plastic Tabletop Scenery
Creator: Archon Studio
End Date: August 27, 2019 (08/27/2019)
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Kicktraq is estimating a whopping $722,018 (or %1805 of the original goal).
Funding Needed: None; this project is already way over-funded, and it’s very clear it’s going to stay that way, unlocking many more stretch goals to come!


The Dungeons and Lasers project title is at the top of this image, while below, painted miniatures (including Geralt the Wolf), the terrain pieces, and some dice are ready to be played on the tabletop.

Product: 3D tabletop role playing game terrain (walls, floors, doors, stairs, etc.), decorative bits, and animal companion minis.
Quality: Having received a sample of the product itself, I can assure you that the product quality is very high! The plastic is hard, durable, and chunky! It’s got a lovely heft to it, and I don’t feel like I’m going to break it putting it together or moving it about on the tabletop with some enthusiasm. Easy enough to put together, versatile, reusable, and reconfigurable!
Tagline: “One tabletop terrain to play all the games.”
Estimated Delivery: June of 2020, and Archon Studio has had a very good track record of meeting their fulfillment goals on their other projects in the past.

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Kickstarters For Dungeon Masters: Emissary Tabletop RPG

Kickstarter Project: Emissary Tabletop RPG
Creator: Edward Little of Shrike Studio
End Date: March 21, 2016
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Kicktraq puts Emissary at a projected 190% funding by project’s end.
Funding Needed: £5,000 (roughly $7,159).


Product: Emissary the RPG is a 280-300 page, full color, hardback book that details the setting and unique ruleset. You can snag a preview of Emissary here, which includes many of the Gods and factions of those worlds.
Quality: High quality; though the creator is a new name among RPGs, they have poured many of their own resources into developing the product itself, enough so that the artwork is of a professional quality – possibly on par with popular titles such as Dungeons and Dragons.
Tagline: None.
Estimated Delivery: August 2016
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Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: “The Queen’s Cavaliers”, a Matriarchal RPG


Kickstarter Project: The Queen’s Cavaliers RPG
Creator: Bold Pueblo Games and Caiohme Ora Snow.
End Date: June 6, 2014.
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, The Queen’s Cavaliers Kicktraq estimates a final funding total of over $16000, or 400% of its original funding goal. This project has seen a very steady increase in funding throughout its duration.
Funding Needed: $4000. Funding achieved! Now breaking stretch goals and searching for more in the final week!


Product: Sitting at an approximate 300 pages with the stretch goal content now being added to the core book, The Queen’s Cavaliers is a Matriarchal, Victorian era game where your charater is actually a combination of two chosen classes (this allows for hundreds of unique characters! This game also boasts, “TQC’s combat system is flexible and designed to be entertaining, with more options than simply doing damage from round to round. Want to swing on a chandelier to gain advantage over your foes, or recite an epic poem to build style points? These are all valid and effective strategies in TQC.”
Quality: Great quality! Already the stretch goals have unlocked even more beautiful spreads of artwork and special map packs, as well as free map packs and detailed adventures and supplements! The setting and whimsical, swashbuckling combat system is an incredibly unique twist on your typical Clockpunk Victorian RPG, and with all of the previous goals achieved, the book is of an optimal quality.
Tagline: “A Baroque, Clockpunk tabletop fantasy role playing game.”
Estimated Delivery: February 2015, though it may be released earlier as much of the game’s content is already written, just the artwork, editing, layout, stretch goal content and printing left!
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