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Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Wield the RPG (ONLY 16 HOURS LEFT!)


Kickstarter Project: Wield: A Little Game About Ancient Powers.
Creator: John Wick.
End Date: May 29, 2014.
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Wield’s Kicktraq estimated their ending funds at over $25000, or 840% funded!
Funding Needed: $3000. Funding achieved! Now smashing through stretch goals and in the final 24 hours!


Product: Wield the RPG is at an estimated 50 pages, making it a small but potentially big game. As a player you are both the Vatcha (the ancient power or wespon) and the wielder, and have to strike a balance between your power and how much the wielder needs to accomplish goals and sway the tides to the artifact’s liking.
Quality: Great quality. Packed with tons of information on setting, the powers, short stories, and all available at very low cost.
Tagline: “You are an ancient and powerful artifact, and those who wield you believe themselves heroes…but they are nothing more than disposable pawns.”
Estimated Delivery: July 2014, any delays will be likely attributed to dice or jewelry orders, which take more time to process, make, and ship.
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Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Kromore the RPG

Kickstarter Project: Kromore
Creator: Raex Games and T. Julian Bell.
End Date: June 16, 2014
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Kromore’s Kicktraq claims a steady $55,000 in estimated funding – over 550%!
Funding Needed: $10,000 – Funding achieved! Now unlocking stretch goals!


Product: Kromore the Role Playing Game, is a 350 page book that fully details the Kromore system and world.
Quality: High quality. The artistic content is vivid and incredibly detailed, the print book has been upgraded to a sturdy hardcover through an early stretch goal, and the RPG itself boasts its versatility as a many-genre capable system.
Tagline: “Fantasy, medieval, steampunk, or futuristic…the choice is yours.”
Estimated Delivery: Fall of 2014, estimated for September. If more stretch goals are unlocked, it may be delayed due to packaging and printing quantity changes, however.
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Wayfarer: A Slipstream RPG Kickstarter (ONLY 60 HOURS LEFT!)


Ill Gotten Games presents a brand new role playing experience with Wayfarer, a game system with multiple setting and world building opportunities for not only the DM, but the players, too.

Over the past ten years of development, Wayfarer has been playtested frequently and shown off at various gaming conventions. The core book will be a tasteful black and white softcover, complete with many different races, pre-generated NPCs, spells, and technology. It’s more than enough to create or inspire a multiverse in any fashion you want. From high tech with sci-fi robots to Elf and Dwarf fantasy, and anything in the middle or otherwise, it’s all possible through the core narrative system.


A Pig Rocker, Robo-Wizard, and Elf Sniper ready to dimension jump.

The multiversal platform for Wayfarer is any setting you can imagine. Your campaigns can be crafted of a single setting or slip between (using any mode of transport you prefer) many worlds and even different realities. The multiverse is only as big or as small as you can picture it.
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