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Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Wield the RPG (ONLY 16 HOURS LEFT!)


Kickstarter Project: Wield: A Little Game About Ancient Powers.
Creator: John Wick.
End Date: May 29, 2014.
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Wield’s Kicktraq estimated their ending funds at over $25000, or 840% funded!
Funding Needed: $3000. Funding achieved! Now smashing through stretch goals and in the final 24 hours!


Product: Wield the RPG is at an estimated 50 pages, making it a small but potentially big game. As a player you are both the Vatcha (the ancient power or wespon) and the wielder, and have to strike a balance between your power and how much the wielder needs to accomplish goals and sway the tides to the artifact’s liking.
Quality: Great quality. Packed with tons of information on setting, the powers, short stories, and all available at very low cost.
Tagline: “You are an ancient and powerful artifact, and those who wield you believe themselves heroes…but they are nothing more than disposable pawns.”
Estimated Delivery: July 2014, any delays will be likely attributed to dice or jewelry orders, which take more time to process, make, and ship.
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Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Kromore the RPG

Kickstarter Project: Kromore
Creator: Raex Games and T. Julian Bell.
End Date: June 16, 2014
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Kromore’s Kicktraq claims a steady $55,000 in estimated funding – over 550%!
Funding Needed: $10,000 – Funding achieved! Now unlocking stretch goals!


Product: Kromore the Role Playing Game, is a 350 page book that fully details the Kromore system and world.
Quality: High quality. The artistic content is vivid and incredibly detailed, the print book has been upgraded to a sturdy hardcover through an early stretch goal, and the RPG itself boasts its versatility as a many-genre capable system.
Tagline: “Fantasy, medieval, steampunk, or futuristic…the choice is yours.”
Estimated Delivery: Fall of 2014, estimated for September. If more stretch goals are unlocked, it may be delayed due to packaging and printing quantity changes, however.
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