Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Kromore the RPG

Kickstarter Project: Kromore
Creator: Raex Games and T. Julian Bell.
End Date: June 16, 2014
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Kromore’s Kicktraq claims a steady $55,000 in estimated funding – over 550%!
Funding Needed: $10,000 – Funding achieved! Now unlocking stretch goals!


Product: Kromore the Role Playing Game, is a 350 page book that fully details the Kromore system and world.
Quality: High quality. The artistic content is vivid and incredibly detailed, the print book has been upgraded to a sturdy hardcover through an early stretch goal, and the RPG itself boasts its versatility as a many-genre capable system.
Tagline: “Fantasy, medieval, steampunk, or futuristic…the choice is yours.”
Estimated Delivery: Fall of 2014, estimated for September. If more stretch goals are unlocked, it may be delayed due to packaging and printing quantity changes, however.

Best Pledge Levels: The .pdf of just the core book is available for $20, with the earliest level for a physical copy being set at $40. The full digital package (including digital stretch goals) is $50, and the full digital package plus one hard copy of the book is a whopping $75. The price continues to scale upwards, with the collector’s edition package (pictured below) set at $175.
Stretch Goals: Early goals included a digital map pack and a hardcover physical book upgrade (both were unlocked very early in the campaign), followed by more map packs, a zine, a novel, a box set, and some secret stretch goals, followed by another supplemental book called “Enemies and Engines“.
Cost Effectiveness: Pricey, but adequate for professional and high quality print items. Very much a “get what you pay for” project. Digital bundles are on the expensive side, though many of the stretch goals will be available primarily in digital form (such as map packs and adventure supplements.) Unfortunately, many of the digital stretch goals are not included in the early pledge levels. Personally, I’d say that their price scaling is too steep for the digital packages, but reasonable for the physical rewards.
Usefulness/Purpose: As a full RPG, it is ready to play upon arrival (dice not provided unless you pledged appropriately). It has a timeline that spans ten thousand years with open customization that enables multiple genres and settings, unique character creation options, time travel possibilities, and even detailed maps and information to help outline your campaign.


The Collector's Edition pledge level includes a lot of goodies and printed digital stretch goals that won't be available after the Kickstarter has ended.

Creator Involvement: The creators respond readily and with a friendly air to the comments and messages they receive, and seem to be open to critique. They are also very quick to explain anything that may seem confusing.
Regular/Relevant Updates: The updates are frequent and relevant, typically addressing content, production rates, upcoming stretch goals, and excerpts of lore from the wprld of Kromore.
Backer Enthusiasm: The backers have flocked to the comments page and seem very eager to get the word out on Kromore, as well as hold it in their hands.
Other Reviews: EN Worldgave a lengthy review and rated 4.25 out of 5 on the original failed KS, and Geek Native provides and enthusiastic and current review that is more brief.


Kromore claims to have full customizability, enabling DMs and PCs to organize their campaign to fit their setting.

Where Can I Buy Once the KS is Over?: Raex Games intends to pursue regular distribution to local stores through ordering, provided they reach an adequate level of funding in the KS, as well as taking copies to sell at conventions. It may be possible to order online in the future as well.
Should I Back It?: If it’s within your price range, yes.

Happy Backing and Gaming,

I claim no ownership or affiliation with Kickstarter, Kicktraq, or projects and creators cited in this review. Any related information or images is the sole property of said company, person, or artist.

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