Kickstarters for Dungeon Masters: Wield the RPG (ONLY 16 HOURS LEFT!)


Kickstarter Project: Wield: A Little Game About Ancient Powers.
Creator: John Wick.
End Date: May 29, 2014.
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Wield’s Kicktraq estimated their ending funds at over $25000, or 840% funded!
Funding Needed: $3000. Funding achieved! Now smashing through stretch goals and in the final 24 hours!


Product: Wield the RPG is at an estimated 50 pages, making it a small but potentially big game. As a player you are both the Vatcha (the ancient power or wespon) and the wielder, and have to strike a balance between your power and how much the wielder needs to accomplish goals and sway the tides to the artifact’s liking.
Quality: Great quality. Packed with tons of information on setting, the powers, short stories, and all available at very low cost.
Tagline: “You are an ancient and powerful artifact, and those who wield you believe themselves heroes…but they are nothing more than disposable pawns.”
Estimated Delivery: July 2014, any delays will be likely attributed to dice or jewelry orders, which take more time to process, make, and ship.


The symbol of the Vatcha, which are essentially the types of weapons and powers in Wield.

Pledge Levels: The earliest reward is set at a low $5, wherein the backer recieves the core book, the released Vatcha cards in the Deck of Power, and the second book in .pdf form. The earliest physical reward is the next tier for $15, which grants the digital rewards as well as a softcover copy of the book. From there, at $25 the backer gets the softcover, digitals, and a physical copy of the Deck of Power, with higher pledge levels reaping even more physical rewards such as multiple copies for retail sale, dice, or a personally designed Vatcha card.
Stretch Goals: All of the stretch goals have been achieved, resulting in 4+ new settings, 2 new short stories, FATE RPG conversion rulesets, a new set of monsters, the ability to be not just a weapon but a giant robot (I know!), and the “Wield Companion” (a supplemental book.)
Cost Effectiveness: Extremely efficient, cost wise. Backers get a LOT of goodies at very cheap pledge levels, and the add-ons are reasonable, too.
Usefulness/Purpose: As a full game with an incredibly unique setting, I think this game will be very entertaining and engaging. It is a very different play style; to be the weapon instead of the “hero”.

Creator Involvement: The creator is more than happy to answer questions in the comments or via a message, and conveys a manner of enthusiasm and friendliness. Shortly after becoming a backer, I was sent a message welcoming me to the project.
Regular/Relevant Updates: Updates outline the stretch goals and add-ons and are released on time.
Backer Enthusiasm: My fellow backers are intrigued by this new game and seem very excited to spread the word before the project comes to a close. Most of the highest/special tiers have already been scooped up, as well!


Custome dice featuring the Vatcha symbol available as an add-on.

Add-ons: A physical copy of the supplemental book is available for only $15, hardcover upgrade for $25, a physical Deck of Power for only $10, and a set of 10 custom dice (featured above) for only $25.
Where Can I Buy Once the KS is Over?: This is unclear for now, but I will update as more information is released. It is assumed that you could contact the creator at a later date with orders.
Should I Back It?: Yes! A very strong yes! For only $5 you receive ALL of the material in digital form! Even if you don’t end up enjoying it (and why wouldn’t you?), you’re only out $5 and still get a unique game for your collection!
Other Reviews: Strange Assembly gives it a brief but rousing “yes!”

Happy Backing and Gaming,

I claim no ownership or affiliation with Kickstarter, Kicktraq, or projects and creators cited in this review. Any related information or images is the sole property of said company, person, or artist.

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