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Wayfarer: A Slipstream RPG Kickstarter (ONLY 60 HOURS LEFT!)


Ill Gotten Games presents a brand new role playing experience with Wayfarer, a game system with multiple setting and world building opportunities for not only the DM, but the players, too.

Over the past ten years of development, Wayfarer has been playtested frequently and shown off at various gaming conventions. The core book will be a tasteful black and white softcover, complete with many different races, pre-generated NPCs, spells, and technology. It’s more than enough to create or inspire a multiverse in any fashion you want. From high tech with sci-fi robots to Elf and Dwarf fantasy, and anything in the middle or otherwise, it’s all possible through the core narrative system.


A Pig Rocker, Robo-Wizard, and Elf Sniper ready to dimension jump.

The multiversal platform for Wayfarer is any setting you can imagine. Your campaigns can be crafted of a single setting or slip between (using any mode of transport you prefer) many worlds and even different realities. The multiverse is only as big or as small as you can picture it.
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Breachworld Kickstarter: Less Than 70 Hours to Go! Plus Q&A!


The Breachworld logo.

Set to reach completion on April 6, Jason Richards Publishing’s Breachworld RPG has soared to nearly 10000 in funding so far. The proud and ecstatic backers have unlocked many digital stretch goals, which are available for most pledge levels. These digital goods are supplemental folios which entail more than just stats and a brief description to help players, DMs, and the role playing experience altogether (see the Q&A section below for more information.) The creator, Jason, has also made these folios a “pay what you want” feature, making them quite affordable for any backer (and free for any Superior Supporter pledge levels!) Unlocked so far are:

▪ Complete Player Race Folio
▪ Complete Creature Folio
▪ Hollow Mage Playable Race Folio
▪ Minotaur Playable Race Folio
▪ Dinosaur Creature Folio
▪ Destination: Smokey Folio
▪ NPC Folio


More information about Hardhats and other creatures/races is only available in the folios!

At 10000, we will have unlocked a full, point by point plot adventure supplement, making it even easier to jump in to this brand new RPG. Being contemplated for the 10500 goal are a Mythical Creatures Folio, another Destination Folio, and possibly releasing the Martial Artist for early playtesting. Jason also hints at a nice upgrade for the physical books; a wrap around cover with Kickstarter exclusive art! This is just theorized, of course, though he is pouring all of the funds from this project into the product itself, whether it be the artwork or the professional editing of the folios, so an upgraded book doesn’t seem too farfetched.
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Breachworld: A New, Rifts-Inspired, Mini D6 RPG

I don’t usually back a Kickstarter very early in the game, even if it’s got great pledge level rewards. I often wait it out a few days, see how fast it progresses, ponder of possible stretch goals, and so on. But when I saw Jason Richards Publishing’s Breachworld, I pledged for the softcover level immediately. Since then, I have raised my pledge for the collector’s edition and threw in some extra for some sweet add-ons, too.

Why? Well, first off was a quote from Kevin Siembieda, lead writer and designer of Palladium Books and the Rifts RPG, on the home page (pictured below.)


But also the background, simple D6 system, gorgeous art (pictured below,) already available and affordable add-ons, full colour print, and perhaps most importantly, the creator’s own enthusiasm and involvement in the project drew me in better than any plot hook I’ve ever heard of! Jason is constantly providing updates for his backers, asking what they want or need from him and his project, responding to comments and questions by the next day and always in a positive manner.
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