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Open to Close Reviews: A Trip Through the Slipstream Adventure of Wayfarer

UPDATED 11/2014: See “Character Creation”, just after the old, striked text.


Product: Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder
Publisher and Author: Ill Gotten Games and Arian “Dutchmogul” Croft.
Availability: Paperback is available for purchase online for $25 through Lulu.

Physical/Digital Quality
Product Quality
As I received both the physical and digital copy of Wayfarer through the original, succesful Kickstarter project, I was delighted to hold it in my hands just a few months after I had previously featured it, safely delived to me via media mail in a bubble envelope. The physical book is roughly the same size as your average role playing text, it stacks nicely beside my numerous Rifts books, and is composed of high quality paper and a tough paperback cover. The cover itself is in nearly pristine condition, the only error being that the barcode is very blurred and probably unusable (a printing error, it seems), and is very stark and set apart with its mostly black background. The text is clean and not smudged, no errors which I have found, and with very clear images, even in its black and white print. Oftentimes when I buy a new book, especially an RPG, it smells a bit like a newspaper for the sheer amount of ink pressed within, however, Wayfarer delightfully has none of that almost plastic odor.


As for the digital copy, it is a straight forward .pdf file, easily and quickly downloaded, with the full contents of the book represented by clean, easy to read text and images, even on mobile. The only things which could have made the digital version better are if there were preset bookmarks for easy navigation, the ability to copy and paste text for even easier character creation, and a digitally fillable character sheet. As it is, I’m doing just fine without said amenities and the quality of both editions are very satisfying.
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Wayfarer: A Slipstream RPG Kickstarter (ONLY 60 HOURS LEFT!)


Ill Gotten Games presents a brand new role playing experience with Wayfarer, a game system with multiple setting and world building opportunities for not only the DM, but the players, too.

Over the past ten years of development, Wayfarer has been playtested frequently and shown off at various gaming conventions. The core book will be a tasteful black and white softcover, complete with many different races, pre-generated NPCs, spells, and technology. It’s more than enough to create or inspire a multiverse in any fashion you want. From high tech with sci-fi robots to Elf and Dwarf fantasy, and anything in the middle or otherwise, it’s all possible through the core narrative system.


A Pig Rocker, Robo-Wizard, and Elf Sniper ready to dimension jump.

The multiversal platform for Wayfarer is any setting you can imagine. Your campaigns can be crafted of a single setting or slip between (using any mode of transport you prefer) many worlds and even different realities. The multiverse is only as big or as small as you can picture it.
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