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Breachworld Kickstarter: Less Than 70 Hours to Go! Plus Q&A!


The Breachworld logo.

Set to reach completion on April 6, Jason Richards Publishing’s Breachworld RPG has soared to nearly 10000 in funding so far. The proud and ecstatic backers have unlocked many digital stretch goals, which are available for most pledge levels. These digital goods are supplemental folios which entail more than just stats and a brief description to help players, DMs, and the role playing experience altogether (see the Q&A section below for more information.) The creator, Jason, has also made these folios a “pay what you want” feature, making them quite affordable for any backer (and free for any Superior Supporter pledge levels!) Unlocked so far are:

▪ Complete Player Race Folio
▪ Complete Creature Folio
▪ Hollow Mage Playable Race Folio
▪ Minotaur Playable Race Folio
▪ Dinosaur Creature Folio
▪ Destination: Smokey Folio
▪ NPC Folio


More information about Hardhats and other creatures/races is only available in the folios!

At 10000, we will have unlocked a full, point by point plot adventure supplement, making it even easier to jump in to this brand new RPG. Being contemplated for the 10500 goal are a Mythical Creatures Folio, another Destination Folio, and possibly releasing the Martial Artist for early playtesting. Jason also hints at a nice upgrade for the physical books; a wrap around cover with Kickstarter exclusive art! This is just theorized, of course, though he is pouring all of the funds from this project into the product itself, whether it be the artwork or the professional editing of the folios, so an upgraded book doesn’t seem too farfetched.
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Breachworld Preview: Digging Into the Core of Character Creation

In my previous entry, I detailed some information about the Breachworld RPG Kickstarter, why I’m backing it, and why you should. Jason, the creator of Breachworld, had released a whopping 77 page preview of the most necessary parts to run any game. Having perused it three times myself, I’m happy to say that my money seems well placed.

A general overview; his writing is friendly and open, but by no means unprofessional. Each page includes a faded background image, some are the Breachworld logo, others are blown up maps, but each section (I.e., character races, history, skills, etc.) is colour coded for easy flip-to action. In fact, the whole thing is in colour as promised, though some pages are blank except for notes of what kind of picture is in the works for that placement. As a whole, the preview is easy to read, flows quickly, and even the more complex sections (such as character creation) are not too confusing. He even included a basic run down of terminology (stating there would be more for readers new to role playing in the printed book,) which helps to further explain how characters gain experience and how dice mechanics work for Anti Paladin Games’s Mini 6 system.

But can you build a character with it? Yes! You could even build a basic playtest session with a little imagination and the materials provided!

After a rousing introduction from Jason and his number one rule, “Have fun!”, he launches right into the character creation section. Always the heart of role playing, we’ve all played some different games that had long, drawn out creation rules. Luckily, the process is streamlined in Breachworld. Less rolling, more choosing what you want!

Before we jump into character creation, however, we need to go over dice rules. There are dice, which are only D6s in this game, and then there are “pips”. Pips are the “+1,+2”, like enchantments on a weapon or a bonus to your roll. One die is worth 3 pips. When you roll your dice, one of them is always a wild or “exploding” die. This die can be rerolled if it lands on a 6 after adding the die to your total, and if the reroll is a 6 you repeat as necessary, hopefully leading to some big numbers!

Now, there are only 6 steps to character creation and each can take only minutes:

1. Select race
2. Choose attributes
3. Choose skills
4. Choose perks
5. Choose complications
6. Gear selection
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Breachworld Funding Achieved, and Still Climbing Higher! (OUTDATED)

Breachworld RPG by Jason Richards Publishing reached full funding, set at $7500, on Kickstarter in the early afternoon today! Jason, the project’s creator, related in the project comments how excited he was to see the funding climb so quickly, and many backers feel the same way.

With the next stretch goals being $9000 for a Wikia page for Breachworld with full access to information and 50 of each type of book pledged (those being softcover, hardcover, and the collector’s edition) unlocking the full Minotaur Playable Race Folio (folios are far more detailed, multi-page packets on the races and will be available as digital downloads,) it is doubtless that those goals will be smashed within the next few days.
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