Breachworld Funding Achieved, and Still Climbing Higher! (OUTDATED)

Breachworld RPG by Jason Richards Publishing reached full funding, set at $7500, on Kickstarter in the early afternoon today! Jason, the project’s creator, related in the project comments how excited he was to see the funding climb so quickly, and many backers feel the same way.

With the next stretch goals being $9000 for a Wikia page for Breachworld with full access to information and 50 of each type of book pledged (those being softcover, hardcover, and the collector’s edition) unlocking the full Minotaur Playable Race Folio (folios are far more detailed, multi-page packets on the races and will be available as digital downloads,) it is doubtless that those goals will be smashed within the next few days.

There are still 16 days left before the project is completed, though the Kicktraq page for Breachworld shows a trending rate of almost $16000 before completion. According to the funding stretch goals, should the project reach its trending rate, backers will have unlocked 5 new stretch goals, including:

1. $9000 – Breachworld RPG Wikia page
2. $10500 – Player Race Folio: Hollow Mage add-on
3. $12000 – Character Templates Folio add-on
4. $13500 – Creature Folio add-on
5. $15000 – Adventure Folio add-on

With the often unpredictable “Last 48 Hours” rush of backers, funding may even break further goals!

Recently, there have been some changes to the project pledge levels and the add-ons have been altered slightly. Jason has released information about a full Playable Race Folio pack and Creature Folio pack that can be purchased on the cheap as add-ons, or (to encourage more pledges with the collector’s edition) are being provided for free to any backers pledging at the $50 Superior Supporter level or higher.


A table indicating add-on cost and pledge level.

Also released are the Chessex custom dice sets with the Breachworld logo replacing the 6 side (pictured below.) The dice will be in two colors, blue and red, with five being red and one being blue to represent the wild die. The first two sets cost $5 and any additional set costs a discounted $4, but one die of each color are also provided for free with purchase of the $3 Signature and Message add-on.


Finalized design for the Breachworld dice.

Any backer of the limited $300 Naming Rights pledge level, gets to not only name a town or NPC in Breachworld,  they also get the $85 Artist’s Illustration add-on included for free with their pledge. This means one of the professional illustrators hired for the book will draw a character portrait for you, it will likely appear in the book as an NPC, and you get the signed print mailed to you along with your book. I wish to interject here with my personal knowledge, as a hobbyist cartoonist who also knows many professional artists, $85 for a professional portrait is a very reasonable commission price for such high quality work (such a high quality example featured below.) Illustration is hard work that takes hours, days, even weeks or months to finish, and the finished product is valued highly.


The playable race known as the Tusks.

Jason has finally posted a video for the project, though you may have to watch it twice to get all the information packed into it down (but there’s nothing wrong with that!) Originally, this video had been created by someone hired by Jason, but included a music track without the permissions of the original artist. Quickly learning of this, Jason stripped the pilfered music and issued a written statement and apology. If anything, this shows that he is committed to an honest and well made project, as well as on top of necessary changes.

Well done, Jason.

Keep an eye out for future Breachworld updates,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Breachworld is the sole property of Jason Richards Publishing and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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