Kickstarters For Dungeon Masters: Emissary Tabletop RPG

Kickstarter Project: Emissary Tabletop RPG
Creator: Edward Little of Shrike Studio
End Date: March 21, 2016
Kicktraq Progress: At time of posting, Kicktraq puts Emissary at a projected 190% funding by project’s end.
Funding Needed: £5,000 (roughly $7,159).


Product: Emissary the RPG is a 280-300 page, full color, hardback book that details the setting and unique ruleset. You can snag a preview of Emissary here, which includes many of the Gods and factions of those worlds.
Quality: High quality; though the creator is a new name among RPGs, they have poured many of their own resources into developing the product itself, enough so that the artwork is of a professional quality – possibly on par with popular titles such as Dungeons and Dragons.
Tagline: None.
Estimated Delivery: August 2016

Pledge Levels: Each pledge level includes a reward of some kind; access to the digital art book starts at just £5 ($7), the .pdf at a low £10 ($14), a physical copy at £30 ($43), a premium physical copy at £50 ($72), and an item/place/person named after you at £100 ($143). All previous rewards are included in each higher pledge level, as well.
Stretch Goals: Any additional funds will be primarily allocated to pay for additional artwork, but there is hinting that, should it not delay the publication, additional game and world materials may be created.
Cost Effectiveness: Fair; they ship physical copies anywhere in the world (an additional £5 to ship to the U.S. from the U.K.), and the pledge levels offer fair rewards for the cost. I’d consider the full color, hardback physical copy to be reasonably priced for its size and content, and the .pdf is actually cheaper than many other systems would be.
Usefulness/Purpose: So long as you’ve got some dice, this game is fully playable upon opening. The book contains details on races, the galaxy and world settings, bestiary, vehicles, gear, and more, as well as some sections, maps, and hints for Game Masters to work with.


Creator Involvement: Questions are answered quickly and in a friendly manner, it seems the creators are very involved and invested in this project. They appear to be highly motivated to get this product out there and at as great a quality as they can manage.
Regular/Relevant Updates: Though in the very early stages of the product, the creators have already posted a brief update to give an additional taste of some of the high grade artwork to the backers.
Backer Enthusiasm: As it’s in the early stages, enthusiasm is hard to judge, however, the fulfillment status keeps rising steadily, so we can only assume enthusiasm will pick up speed as word gets around.


Add-ons: Short of the digital art book and the digital and physical copies, there are no current add-ons for Emissary. Perhaps in the future?
Where Can I Buy Once the KS is Over?: The creators are intending to allow for orders of both physical and digital copies on Drivethru RPG.
Should I Back It?: Yes! The sci-fi/fantasy combo with a stand alone system and interesting setting and character builds promises some intense gameplay that you’re sure to want to get in on. And WOW! Just look at the artwork!
Other Reviews: No reviews yet, but you can glimpse a commissioned map at the Cartographers Guild forum.

Happy Backing and Gaming,

I claim no ownership or affiliation with Kickstarter, Kicktraq, or projects and creators cited in this review. Any related information or images is the sole property of said company, person, or artist. I am not being paid or rewarded for this post.

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