At the Table: Rifts: Let’s Get This Party Started! (Session 1)

This is my first gaming log to actually be completed and posted! We’ve, unfortunately, never been able to commit to a campaign for very long due to a variety of reasons (i.e., schedule conflict, falling out, loss of interest, etc.) But now we’re actually scheduling time to play on a biweekly (hopefully bumped up to a weekly) rate! This is the first time I’ve had a chance to play in more than a year, and we’re introducing a new player to Rifts!

You may also notice that I’ve changed my gaming handle from “CheekyFnPirate” to “TheDungeonRat”. I created my old moniker back in my teenage years, and since then my play style and personality have changed dramatically (as is wont to happen after becoming a parent). This change is to reflect that; new blog color, new layout and setup, fresher content, really, it’s a whole new blog, just as I am a completely different blogger. All old links within the blog should be working, but please feel free to let me know if I need to make any adjustments.

Game: Palladium Book’s Rifts RPG
Dungeon Master: Scott
Players: Myself, Garrett, and Paul (hoping to add a couple more players next session). More info on Players/Dungeon Masters here.
Session Date: 03/28/2016 (Monday)
Session Duration: 3 hours; 2 hours of character and setting prep, 1 hour of play.
Setting: Possibly Rifts Earth, England -unclear as of yet.
Battle Magus Controller: The Seeker (Me)
■ German Shepherd Dog-Boy Vagabond: Dean (Garrett)
■ Human Wilderness Scout: Ander (Paul)

Gaming Log: (Bold parenthesis indicates dice rolls, out of game moments, important character notes, etc.)
We were a bit sidetracked by character creation, so we jumped right in with the tried but true (oft read: lazy and/or desperate), “So, you all meet in the tavern…”

Dean the Dog-Boy’s reason for traveling was just that – traveling – and therefore loved meeting interesting people and visiting new places, like this rather small town in the middle of a forest. The Seeker and her large Earth Thunder Automaton (nicknamed Jo) had stopped in their search for lost automatons (her reason for leaving the Magic Zone) to resupply. Dean was captivated by such a strange, obviously magical golem (to most, it is mistaken for an Earth Elemental), and so pestered the Seeker with questions and observations. She good naturedly allowed Dean to sit with her at the bar.

Ander the Wilderness Scout walked in, asked for water, was directed to fetch it himself from the well outside, and actually did so. Dean saw the awkward and introverted Ander (with the Recluse insanity) and was intrigued by his demeanor and his weapon of choice: a large compound bow. Ander, being a shy mumbler, wasn’t much of a talker, but tolerated the inquisitive D-Bee and even joined Dean and the Seeker in their meal.

The tavern owner’s daughter rushes in and talks quietly with her concerned father. Using his canine hearing (16 on perception), Dean relays to the others that there are strange sounds and firelight in the woods about 3 miles outside of town – shouting, possibly fighting or even fire starting, for all the villagers know. Being the only capable fighters within thirty miles, the group agreed to check it out, even if Ander only went along to get out of town. Dean hopped on his motorcycle, Ander sat a good foot behind him, and the Seeker rode on her Automaton.

While driving through the muddy terrain, Dean loses control of his motorcycle, and he and Ander tumble off (16 and 15 on roll checks) as the vehicle skids and falls. Both are okay, as is Dean’s “baby” (high/low chance, Garrett guessed high, 72%). Ander finds a track in the mud, roughly the size of a rhino footprint, but promptly loses it (failed Track: Animals roll 67% out of 45%). He picks it up again and they follow the very obvious trail of something large and on four legs. The Seeker opts to follow the trail directly, using her Automaton as a distraction if necessary, while the other two follow alongside in the trees (not prowling, just for cover, with weapons drawn).

As the party approaches the sounds and firelight in a clearing, they can clearly see that it is an encampment, apparently of a traveling show or carnival. Ander looks for any clear danger and decides to stay in the trees (failed prowl, 89% out of 35%, character crouches instead of hiding well at all) with his bow at the ready if needed. The Seeker is looking specifically for signs of magic (natural 20 on perception – first ever roll on that D20!!), and takes notice of some sigils, spell components having been left out, and even a subtly practicing Fire Magus and some Scathac Druids. She reveals this and determines that they should be safe to reveal themselves, even with a golem in tow.

The Seeker steps out, followed by Dean and Jo (only Ander has weapons drawn) and the whole camp stops to look at them. A very large (9ft tall, possibly half giant) man steps forward (Dean’s “Eyeball a Fella” class skill roll, 22%, seems to indicate this is the troupe leader) and offers welcome, so long as they come in peace. The Seeker asks if her Automaton would be welcome or if she should keep it out of the camp, and the man laughs beckons forward his own golem (this one is not any Automaton that the Seeker knows, and so appears to be an actual golem) and asks if Ander is going to come out of the forest. Activity resumes among the carnies, and the Seeker and Dean relay to the leader that they came to investigate the noise and assess any threat toward the nearby village, which the carnies didn’t even know existed.

Ander, very slowly and awkwardly, makes his way closer to one of the few carnies sitting quietly by himself. He has a large, fancy looking longbow and gets sick of Ander pussyfooting around and tells him to just sit down already. Ander mostly asks about the bow and what his job among the troupe is, to which the man, without looking, grabs an arrow and shoots it into an apple that someone is about to take a bite of (successful roll on DM’s part), and is quickly chastised by the other carnie.

And that’s about where we left off.

Memorable Quotes: None, yet.

Notes: I’m wondering if Garrett and Paul will remember to go back for their motorcycles (Paul left his in the village).

Critical Success!,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Rifts is the sole property of Palladium Books and any authors or artists therein. I claim no ownership of content. I am not being paid or rewarded for this post or its contents.

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  2. Anthony C Gaynes

    Would love to join. Been wanting to play a human immortal .


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