Toon Tuesday: Zeke the Troll Enforcer (Shadowrun)

I decided to work up another Shadowrun character to really hammer out the character creation process in my head (also to add some better edits and groundwork into my blank template for future characters; the weapons and such now include descriptions where pertinent). This go around was much simpler, but I did go with an Enforcer rather than a decked out Hacker (which has received some big edits), which likely helped. I must say that I’m really enjoying the point buy system, I think it helps void a lot of the bad luck dice rolls and human error during creation (well, provided you have a calculator, anyway!) Trolls are where it’s at, friends!

Game: Shadowrun by Catalyst Games
Books Needed: Shadowrun Core Book (4E).
Recommended Setting: Any typical starting runner group, well suited to gang activity or as hired muscle, but does not do well in the matrix or virtual reality.


'Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of your arm breaking. One more time, now, where did you stash the goods?' - Zeke

Metatype (40 BP)
Meta: Troll
Class: Enforcer
Nickname: Zeke
BP Used: 400

Attributes (200BP. Augmented score in parenthesis.)
BOD: 8
AGI: 5
REA: 3 (4)
STR: 9
CHA: 2
INT: 3
LOG: 2
WIL: 3
INI: 6 (7)

Edge: 2
Essence: 4
Condition Monitor: Stun: 10
Condition Monitor: Physical: 11

Positive (20BP)
Troll Thermographic Vision This enhancement enables vision in the infrared portion of the spectrum, enabling the user to see heat patterns. Thermographic vision is a very practical way to spot living beings in areas of total darkness (even though it’s difficult to fully determine their type and appearance), to check if a motor or machine has been running lately, and to track heat footprints.

Troll Bulkiness Trolls are a massive metatype with a thick hide that offers additional protection; +1 reach and +1 natural armour (cumulative with worn armour.)

Toughness Characters with the Toughness quality shrug off damage more easily than others. Such characters gain a +1 dice pool modifier to their Body when making Damage Resistance Tests.

Magical Resistance: Rating 2 For every 5 BP (up to a maximum rating of 4) spent on Magic Resistance, a character receives 1 additional die for Spell Resistance Tests. The Magical Resistance quality, however, works even against beneficial spells such as Heal.
Characters with the Adept, Magician, or Mystic Adept qualities cannot take this quality. A magically resistant character cannot choose to lower his magical resistance; it affects all spells and magical effects, good or bad. A character with Magic Resistance is never a willing subject for spells that require a voluntary subject; such spells automatically fail when used on magic resistant characters.

Negative (-10BP)
Simsense Vertigo Characters who suffer from Simsense Vertigo experience feelings of disorientation whenever they work with augmented reality, virtual reality, and simsense (including smartlinks, simrigs, and im- age links). Such characters receive an extra –2 dice pool modifier to all tests when interacting with AR, VR, or simsense.

Active Skills (124BP. Specializations and Linked Attribute in parenthesis.)
Active Skills
Athletics: Climbing (Str) 2
Athletics: Gymnastics (Agi) 2
Athletics: Running (Str) 2
Athletics: Swimming (Str) 2
Close Combat: Blades (Agi) 4
Close Combat: Clubs (Agi) 4
Close Combat: Unarmed (Agi) 4
Combat: Dodge (Rea) 3
Firearms: Automatics (Agi) 3
Firearms: Longarms (Agi) 3
Firearms: Pistols (Agi) 3
Influence: Con (Cha) 2
Influence: Etiquette (Street Gangs +2, Cha) 2
Influence: Leadership (Cha) 2
Influence: Negotiation (Cha) 2

Knowledge Skills (18 Knowledge BP, 0BP)
Interest: Sports (Hockey +2, Int) 2
Street: Gangs (Int) 2

Language Skills (0 Knowledge BP, 0BP)
English (N)

Magic (0BP)
Resonance: 0

Gear/Resources (6BP, Nuyen cost listed.)
Secured Credstick (x2) 50¥
Fake License (Rating: 5) 500¥
Fake SIN (Rating: 2) 2000¥
Binoculars 100¥
Earbuds 10¥
Plasteel Restraint (x3, Armour/Structure: 15.) 150¥
Plastic Restraints (x30, Armour/Structure: 6.) 3¥
Containment Manacles (Prevents cyber-implant weapon extension, Armour/Structure: 12.) 200¥
Chisel 20¥
Flashlight 25¥
Survival Kit 100¥
Standard Rope (x100m) 50¥
Slap Patch: Stimulant (x4, Rating: 1.) 100¥
Slap Patch: Tranq (x4, Rating: 1.) 80¥
Slap Patch: Trauma 500¥

Commlink: Sony Emperor + Renraku Ichi Operating System Standard intallments include: music player, micro-trid/holo projector/“touch-screen” display, camcorder, microphone, image/text scanner, RFID tag reader, GPS (global positioning system, triangulated from registered local wireless nodes), roll-up Velcro-fastening keyboard, chip player, credstick reader, retractable earbuds, voice-access controls, and a shock and water-resistant case. Response: 2. Signal: 3. Firewall: 2. System: 2. 1300¥

Combat Axe This two-handed tungsten alloy axe typically comes with a spring-loaded thrusting point concealed in the handle. Reach: 2. Damage: (Str/2 +4)P. AP: -1. 600¥

Extendable Baton The shaft of this club telescopes out when flicked sharply. When retracted, it is more easily concealed (–2). Reach: 1. Damage: (Str/2 +1)P. 50¥

Shock Glove This pair of insulated plas-fabric gloves has a wire-mesh that discharges electric current when triggered by impact. The gloves deal Electricity damage and have 10 charges (each); when plugged in, they recharge at a rate of one charge per 10 seconds. Damage: 5S(e). AP: -half. 200¥

Survival Knife x2, this fine quality blade features several accessories: retractable GPS monitor, micro-lighter, and a compartment in the handle that will hold one small item. The flat sides of the blade are covered with a non-toxic chemical that can be activated to provide 2 hours of phosphorescent light. Damage: (Str/2 +1)P. AP: -1. 50¥

Firearm: Remington Roomsweeper This short-barreled “shotgun pistol” can be loaded with shot rounds rather than slugs, in which cases it uses heavy-pistol ranges but shotgun rules. Damage: 5P (7P(f) with flachettes). AR: -1 (+2 with flachettes). Mode: SA. Ammo: 8(m). Extra Ammo: 40 shots. 350¥

Firearm: Mossberg AM-CMDT This heavy automatic shotgun can fill a whole room with whirling pellets of shot in an instant, which makes it a terrifying weapon in house-to-house combat. It fires flechette ammuniton only (already included in the weapon stats). Damage: 9P(f). AP: +2. Mode: SA/BF/FA. Ammo: 10(c). Extra Clips: x4, full. 1120¥

Lined Coat: Nonconductive (A.) + Shock Frills (B.) Reminiscent of the long dusters worn in the days of the Wild West, lined coats offer good protection and also provide an additional –2 Concealability modifier to items hidden underneath. Ballistic/Impact: 6/4. 700¥
A. Nonconductivity Electrical insulation and grounding materials protect the wearer against Electricity damage, adding its full rating to the armor value. Rating: 4. 1000¥
B. Shock Frills These strips of “fur” are electrically charged when activated, standing on end and inflicting Electricity damage to anyone that comes into contact. this modification must be used with the nonconductivity modification (so that the wearer does not get shocked). Use unarmed Combat to attack with the frills. The frills hold 10 charges; when attached to a power point, they reload one charge per 10 seconds. 200¥

Wired Reflexes This highly invasive operation im- plants a multitude of neural boosters and adrenalin stimula- tors in strategic locations all over the body, catapulting the patient into a whole new world where everything around her seems to move in slow motion. The system includes a trigger to turn the wired reflexes on and off (taking a Free Action). When activated, wired reflexes confer a bonus of +1 to Reaction and +1 Initiative Pass per point of rating. Wired reflexes cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative enhancement. Rating: 1. Essence Cost: 2. 11000¥

Lifestyle Low (2000¥/Month)

Secured Credsticks: 1000¥ on each (x2)
Securities: Not applicable.
Stocks: Not applicable.
Bank Accounts: 5542¥

Contacts (20BP)
Alley Doc Connection: 3. Loyalty: 3.

Fixer Connection: 3. Loyalty: 2.

Gang Leader Connection: 6. Loyalty: 3.

True Name: Ezekiel Tate
Gender: Male
Height: 8′ 4″
Weight: 412 lbs.
Age: 28
Description: Light brown hide, orange eyes, uneven horns (three of them; one twisted like a ram’s horn, another curving sharply down but snapped halfway, and a third smaller horn curled underneath his jaw) that have spiked or leather corded bands secured to them here and there. He has many tattoos, some visible on his neck, though none are on his face, and several hoop piercings in each ear. His hair is black, styled in a short, fat mohawk on his head and a thick, braided goatee. He keeps his claws filed down to not cut himself, wears dark street clothing and armour.
Backstory: Seattle raised in a very low income Troll family, his parents were involved with gang activities and had a distaste for the triads and megacorps. This attitude was passed on to their son, who had an almost unhealthy love of brawling (which was only encouraged by his size and his aversion to simsense/virtual reality/etc.) They got him involved in hockey to learn teamwork and leadership/social skills and he took to it. He still got into scrapes, especially after getting involved with his parent’s gang. He used his physical abilities to help protect the higher ranks and assist on runs. As a young adult, after his mother’s unfortunate death in a run gone bad (his father spiraled in a drug addiction that landed him on streets out of the gang’s control,) Zeke threw himself into his work to compensate. The gang leader grew fond of the young Troll’s dedication and loyalty to the group, and Zeke eventually was accepted on the higher ranking jobs and payouts. He is still working for the gang, unaware of how his father fares or if he’s even alive.

Good luck, Gutterpunk,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Shadowrun or Shadowrun Returns is the sole property of Catalyst Game Labs or Harebrained Schemes and any auhors or artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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