Toon Tuesday: Skipjack the Dwarf Hacker (Shadowrun)

A Dwarf Hacker for my first Shadowrun character post! Keep in mind that I’ve never had the pleasure of playing it, though I flip through the book quite often and have written up a character for it before (a Troll Street Shaman called “Kodiak”). I love the grungy setting, it’s honestly a more realistic timeline and setting for me than other RPGs. Hopefully I will be able to convince my players to branch out some and give it a try.

I’ve read the Decker/Hacker got nerfed in some weird ways in 4E and basically rendered useless by the Technomancer. I’ve also heard they’re difficult to write and end up with a workable character, too; but I ran the basic concept by my Dad, who has DM’d Shadowrun before, and he loves it. Let me know of any mistakes and I will correct them, the point buy system is new to me, and some of my math may have been wrong, but I tried to keep track of BP and cost as I went along.

Note: His write up has received some major edits through layout/template changes and adding descriptions to his gear.

Game: Shadowrun by Catalyst Games.
Books Needed: Shadowrun Core Book (4E).
Recommended Setting: Any average starting runner group in need of a Hacker, or as a spy already in place at a corp and completely willing to divulge company secrets for the right price.


'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Then infect their systems from within.' - Skipjack

Metatype (25BP)
Meta: Dwarf
Class: Hacker
Nickname: Jacob “Skipjack” Simms
BP Used: 400

Attributes (200BP. Augmented score in parenthesis.)
BOD: 2
AGI: 2
REA: 4
STR: 3
CHA: 4
INT: 5
LOG: 5
WIL: 4
INI: 9

Edge: 4
Essence: 5.6
Condition Monitor: Stun: 10
Condition Monitor: Physical: 9

Positive (20BP)
Dwarven Thermographic Vision This enhancement enables vision in the infrared portion of the spectrum, enabling the user to see heat patterns. Thermographic vision is a very practical way to spot living beings in areas of total darkness (even though it’s difficult to fully determine their type and appearance), to check if a motor or machine has been running lately, and to track heat footprints.

Dwarven Hardiness +2 dice for Body tests to resist pathogens and toxins.

Codeslinger: Hacking on the Fly A codeslinger is particularly adept at performing a particular Matrix action (listed) and receives a +2 dice pool modifer to that Matrix action. Only Matrix actions with an associated success test apply; Codeslinger does not apply to actions that do not require a success test, such as Jack Out. Codeslinger may only be taken once.

Natural Hardening Something about this character’s neural structure makes him resistant to feedback. This quality gives the character 1 point of natural biofeedback filtering, which is cumulative with a commlink’s biofeedback filter.

Negative (-10BP)
SINner: Criminal The character was born with or somehow acquired a legal System Identifcation Number, or SIN. This means the character’s real identity, personal history, biometric data, credit records, medical history, travel history, etc. are stored and accessible in numerous databanks. This does not mean the character is required to use that SIN, merely that a legal record of him does exist (and may serve as a detriment some day). At 5 BP, the character has a standard SIN and is a bona fide citizen of the nation or extraterritorial megacorp of his choice. At 10 BP, the character has a criminal SIN, meaning that the character also has a verifable criminal record on file, and likely served prison time in the past. As many law enforcement agencies share their data, this means that character is more likely to be identifed if linked to a crime.

Skills (124BP. Specializations and Linked Attribute in parenthesis.)
Active Skills
Cracking: Cyber Combat (Agents +2, Log) 3
Cracking: Electronic Warfare (Encryption +2, Log) 4
Cracking: Hacking (Exploit Programs +2, Log) 5
Electronic: Computer (Log) 3
Electronic: Data Search (Log) 3
Electronic: Hardware (Log) 3
Electronic: Software (Stealth Programs +2, Log) 6
Pilot: Groundcraft (Rea) 1
Social: Etiquette (Corporate +2, Cha) 3
Dodge (Rea) 2
Firearms: Pistols (Rea) 2

Knowledge Skills (20 Knowledge BP, 0BP)
Professional: Engineering (Electrical +2, Log) 2
Professional: Security Design (Corporate +2, Log) 2

Language Skills (10 Knowledge BP, 0BP)
American (Hacker Lingo +2) N
Japanese 2

Magic (0BP)
Resonance: 0

Gear/Resources (20BP, Nuyen cost listed.)
Concealable Ankle Holster (-1 concealability modifier) 75¥
Certified Credstick (x2) 50¥
Fake License (Rating: 3.) 300¥
Fake SIN (Rating: 2.) 2000¥
Tool Kit 500¥
Glasses 25¥
Headphones 50¥
Flashlight 25¥
Lightstick (x5) 25¥
Survival Kit 100¥
Standard Rope (x100m) 50¥
Respirator (Rating: 4.) 400¥
Medkit (Rating: 6.) 600¥

Personal Commlink: Fairlight Caliban + Novatech Navi Operating System Standard installments include: music player, micro-trid/holo projector/“touch-screen” display, camcorder, microphone, image/text scanner, RFID tag reader, GPS (global positioning system, triangulated from registered local wireless nodes), roll-up Velcro-fastening keyboard, chip player, credstick reader, retractable earbuds, voice-access controls, and a shock and water-resistant case. Response: 4. Signal: 5. Firewall: 3. System: 4. 9500¥

Commlink: Erika Elite + Magnadyne Deva Operating System Standar installments include: music player, micro-trid/holo projector/“touch-screen” display, camcorder, microphone, image/text scanner, RFID tag reader, GPS (global positioning system, triangulated from registered local wireless nodes), roll-up Velcro-fastening keyboard, chip player, credstick reader, retractable earbuds, voice-access controls, and a shock and water-resistant case. Response: 3. Signal: 4. Firewall: 2. System: 3. 3300¥

AR Gloves Available in all sizes and shapes, these gloves allow the user to manually interact with the Matrix, by manipulating virtual arrows, accessing a virtual keyboard or display, or remotely controlling a device. They are also equipped with force feedback, allowing for a limited tactile augmented reality experience. These gloves are also able to provide basic information regarding touched or held items, such as weight, temperature, and hardness. Device Rating: 3. 250¥

Biometric Reader For access-control to online accounts or certain devices, the proper biometric scan must be provided. A different reader is required for each type of biometric data. Device Rating: 3. 200¥

Satellite Link This allows the user to uplink to communication satellites in low-Earth orbit, connecting to the Matrix from places where no local wireless networks exist. This link has a Signal rating of 8. Includes a portable satellite dish. Device Rating: 3. 500¥

Sim Module The sim module is an ASIST interface that controls the simsense experience. It translates computer signals (simsense data) into neural signals, allowing the user to directly experience simsense programs and virtual reality. A sim module must be accessed via trodes or a direct neural interface (datajack, implanted commlink, etc). Standard (legal) sim modules only interpret cold sim. It is possible to modify a sim module to allow the user to experience hot sim and BTLs with a Hardware + Logic (10, 1 hour) Extended Test, but this also makes the user more vulnerable to Black IC programs. As a safety precaution, sim mods override your motor functions while you are fully immersed in VR/simsense, so that you don’t blindly thrash around in the real world and potentially injure yourself or break things. This means that your physical body is limp while you’re online, as if you were sleeping. This reticular activation system (RAS) override can also be disabled with a Hardware + Logic (5, 1 hour) Extended Test, at the user’s own risk. Device Rating: 3. 150¥

Holo Projector This device projects a trideo hologram into any open space within 5 meters. Though holos can be quite realistic, a Perception + Intuition (2) Test is usually sufficient to distinguish a hologram from a real object or person. Device Rating: 3. 200¥

Datachip For those occasions when you want to transfer data by physical means—like bringing those stolen weapon specs to Mr. Johnson, when you wouldn’t trust a Matrix transfer—optical memory chips (OMCs) can hold hundreds of gigapulses of data in a small finger-sized chip, accessible by any electronic device. x10. 10¥

VR Games The use of simsense technology has led to a whole new generation of games, linking the player directly into a true first person shooter perspective (Ultra Mario, Dunkelzahn’s Quest XII, Sahara Soldier, Shadowrun MMORPG) or hovering over the action (SimCiv, EuroWar 2032, Final MageCraft). Most games offer both a SinglePlayer and Matrix MultiPlayer option (the latter for a monthly fee). Many of them offer not only a gaming challenge but also a perfect alternative to the dismal existence of most people’s real lives. 50¥

Virtual Surround Music This software plays music in a way that mimics an outside source. When the user changes her position and facing, the way in which she perceives the music changes accordingly. Any style and arrangement is possible, from omnipresent background music to the throbbing bassline of surround-sound club-level subwoofers to the front-row of a stadium concert. If you’re particularly inventive, you can try out what your favorite song sounds like when played at 10,000 decibels from 20 kilometers away. 50¥

Virtual Pet Simulate your favorite pet without having to feed or otherwise care for it (of course, if you enjoy the experience, you can enable a special option that lets the pet react to the amount of care you spend on it). Virtual pets include limited tactile experience (you can’t grab it, but stroking is possible and you can feel its weight when carrying it on your shoulders), and you can have it with you at all times without worrying that it will run away or get run over by a car. All kinds of animals, critters, and fantastic creatures are possible in any sizes and numbers. You want a swarm of little pink flying elephants? No problem. 100¥

Miracle Shooter This multiplayer online roleplaying game from Ares Games takes place in reality. When you log in, the features of your chosen character are overlaid on your personal appearance, visible to all the other characters in the game. Shoot monsters to gain experience points plus cash to buy new guns and upgrades, or become the member of a faction in order to challenge players of other factions to battles. This game has already led to a number of freak accidents (for example, one player jumped from a footbridge right in front of a moving train); meanwhile, other software companies are rolling out their competing releases. 50¥ (+10¥/month)

Radio Signal Scanner The radio signal scanner locates and locks in on radio traffic from RFID tags, wireless networks, and other transmitters, and is especially useful at capturing signals originating from nearby. The scanner can also measure a signal’s strength and pinpoint its location. Treat the scanner as if it were a Sniffer program equal to its rating. Device Rating: 6. Capacity: [1]. 150¥

Keycard Copier The keycard copier allows the user to copy a stolen keycard in seconds before returning it to its owner. A new keycard can then be manufactured with a Hardware + Logic (8, 1 hour) Extended Test. When used, the forged keycard uses its rating in an Opposed Test against the maglock. Note that some security systems will note the unusual usage of duplicate keys (such as using a forged key to get inside a lab when the original key was used to get in recently and hasn’t left yet). Device Rating: 4. Availability: 8F. 1200¥

Maglock Passkey The passkey can be inserted into a cardreader’s maglock, fooling it into believing that a legitimate passkey has been inserted. Device Rating: 2. Availability: (Rating x3)F. 4000¥

Maglock Sequencer An electronic device required to defeat keypad-maglocks. Device Rating: 4. Availability: (Rating x3)F. 800¥

Drone: Lonestar iBall Designed to be tossed or rolled into a room, this minidrone can roll on its own but cannot handle stairs, lips, or large obstructions. An offensive version comes equipped with a built-in flash-pak and smoke grenade for an extra 500¥. Handling: +1. Acceleration: 3/15. Pilot: 3. Body: 1. Armour: 0. Sensor: 2. 1500¥

Drone: MCT Fly-Spy The size of a large insect, this flying eye- in-the-sky is very handy for shadowing people, given that it’s hard to spot. Equipped with a Maneuverability 2 autosoft. Handling: +1. Acceleration: 3/15. Pilot: 3. Body: 1. Armour: 0. Sensor: 2. 2000¥

Matrix Program: Common Use Rating: 6. 600¥

Matrix Program: Hacking Availability: (Rating x 2)R. Rating: 4. 2000¥

Matrix Program: System Rating: 6. 3000¥

Matrix Program: Firewall Rating: 6. 3000¥

Firearm: Colt America L36 An old-timer with a very good reputation, this sleek automatic pistol is easy to conceal and com- monly available. Damage: 4P. Mode: SA. Ammo: 11 (c). Spare Clips: 2 (full 10¥). Extra Ammo: 30 (60¥). Hidden in ankle holster. 150¥

Lined Coat Reminiscent of the long dusters worn in the days of the Wild West, lined coats offer good protection and also provide an additional –2 Concealability modifier to items hidden underneath. Ballistic/Impact: 6/4. 700¥

Datajack A datajack allows a user to directly interface with any electronic device via a fiberoptic cable. Datajacks also allow users to slot and mentally access chips, softs, and BTLs. Datajacks are equipped with their own memory storage for downloading or saving files. Two datajack users can string a fiberoptic cable between themselves to conduct a private mental communication immune to radio interception/eavesdropping. Essence Cost: 0.1. Capacity: [1]. 500¥

Ultrasound Sensor The ultrasound sensor consists of an emitter that sends out continuous ultrasonic pulses and a receiver that picks up the echoes of these pulses to create a topographic ultrasound “map” that is laid over (or replaces) the user’s normal visual sensory input. While ultrasound vision is perfect to “see” textures, calculate exact distances, and pick up things otherwise invisible to the naked eye (like people cloaked by an Invisibility spell), it is less adept at other tasks like perceiving colors and brightness. It cannot penetrate materials like glass that would be transparent to optical sensors. It can be set to a passive mode, in which it does not emit ultrasonic pulses but still picks up ultrasound from outside sources (such as motion sensors or someone else’s ultrasound sensors on active mode.) Essence Cost: 0.3. Capacity: [2]. 6000¥

Cosmetic Modification Hair color changed to black. 300¥

Harley-Davidson Scorpion This bike is a classic, heavy-bodied road hog. Handling: +2. Acceleration: 15/30. Speed: 120 mph. Pilot: 2. Body: 8. Armour: 4. Sensor: 1. 12000¥

Lifestyle Medium, house in a decent neighborhood. (5000¥/month)
Maglock Secures home, maglocks are electronic locks with a variety of access control options, from keypads to passcards to bio- metrics. Device Rating: 6. Includes Card Reader and Anti-Tamper Circuits (Device Rating: 4.) 1050¥

Secured Credsticks: 1010¥ (505¥ on each.)
Securities: Not applicable.
Stocks: Not applicable.
Bank Accounts: 35400¥

Contacts (21BP)
Underground Software Supplier: Connection: 5 Loyalty: 3

Corporate Blogger: Connection: 4 Loyalty: 2

Fixer: Connection: 4 Loyalty: 3

True Name: Gary Booker
Gender: Male
Height: 3′ 5″
Weight: 92lbs.
Age: 36
Description: Grey eyes, wears fake eyeglasses, dark hair kept short and neat (originally red hair, now black), he keeps his facial hair full, but trimmed neatly to blend in with the corporate employees. He often wears his “techie” gear, either a work suit with no jacket or a technical jumpsuit if in the corp building, otherwise he wears casual clothing, cargo pants and hardy clothing. No tattoos, obvious scars, or immediately apparent connection to his real name and past; just the way he likes it.
Backstory: Born to a small family of wealthy, law-abiding Dwarves working corporate sanctioned jobs, Gary is a fully registered citizen, got a SIN number and everything. This ended up being a problem for him as his talents with computers and the Matrix became realized. His intellect wasn’t challenged through his private education, so he turned to the massive stores of knowledge hidden in the Matrix or available through (often hot with the gaze of coporate lawyers and agents) eco-blogs and backdoor websites. Eventually, this landed him in trouble when a particular blogger released all of their traffic and illegal information sales in an attempt to gain leniency for their crimes. Gary, as a registered teenage citizen in his parents’ home, wasn’t careful enough in covering his tracks and got busted. He did two years’ time in prison, got stuck with a flag on his SIN and an ankle bracelet for a few months, and was given strict warnings to steer clear of illegal sites and bloggers itching to get nabbed by the corps. His parents, being good citizens and proud corporate workers, dropped him after his sentence was complete. He lived on the street for a year or so, scraping together money through a job fixing commlinks and repairing software. Once he hit 18 years, he gained access to his pre-established trust funds, forgotten by his parents. He couldn’t deny his thirst for knowledge and new lust to get back at the corps for their involvement in his jail time, so he sought out a fixer for a fake SIN and credentials with his newly achieved wealth (but he is on the lookout for a better rating of his fake ID and SIN.) With his new identity, he was able to get a nice house that wasn’t in a drain gutter neighborhoods and a decent enough job repairing security systems and even fielding technical calls for a corp. He was patient and worked very carefully with special programs, even developing his own high tech masking software, and once he felt safe enough, sold the coding and financial information he’d pilfered from a partner corpration. This was his calling; to hack the corps and distribute their wealth of knowledge and secrets to the right hands, maybe even bring ’em to their knees.

Good luck, Gutterpunk,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Shadowrun or Shadowrun Returns is the sole property of Catalyst Game Labs or Harebrained Schemes and any auhors or artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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