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Toon Tuesday: Skipjack the Dwarf Hacker (Shadowrun)

A Dwarf Hacker for my first Shadowrun character post! Keep in mind that I’ve never had the pleasure of playing it, though I flip through the book quite often and have written up a character for it before (a Troll Street Shaman called “Kodiak”). I love the grungy setting, it’s honestly a more realistic timeline and setting for me than other RPGs. Hopefully I will be able to convince my players to branch out some and give it a try.

I’ve read the Decker/Hacker got nerfed in some weird ways in 4E and basically rendered useless by the Technomancer. I’ve also heard they’re difficult to write and end up with a workable character, too; but I ran the basic concept by my Dad, who has DM’d Shadowrun before, and he loves it. Let me know of any mistakes and I will correct them, the point buy system is new to me, and some of my math may have been wrong, but I tried to keep track of BP and cost as I went along.

Note: His write up has received some major edits through layout/template changes and adding descriptions to his gear.

Game: Shadowrun by Catalyst Games.
Books Needed: Shadowrun Core Book (4E).
Recommended Setting: Any average starting runner group in need of a Hacker, or as a spy already in place at a corp and completely willing to divulge company secrets for the right price.


'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Then infect their systems from within.' - Skipjack

Metatype (25BP)
Meta: Dwarf
Class: Hacker
Nickname: Jacob “Skipjack” Simms
BP Used: 400

Attributes (200BP. Augmented score in parenthesis.)
BOD: 2
AGI: 2
REA: 4
STR: 3
CHA: 4
INT: 5
LOG: 5
WIL: 4
INI: 9

Edge: 4
Essence: 5.6
Condition Monitor: Stun: 10
Condition Monitor: Physical: 9
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