Toon Tuesday: Ra the D’norr Devilman Body-Fixer (Rifts)

The D’norr Devilmen and their compassion have always fascinated me, but I’d never writen one up, and it’s been awhile since I’ve written a healer type character! Skill characters are probably my favourites. I decided to max this character’s IQ stat, as the character itself is designed to be a genius doctor. I want to note that I have never done this before, and will rarely opt to do so in the future.

Game: Palladium Books’ Rifts RPG
Books Needed: Rifts Ultimate Edition, and Rifts World Book 30: D-Bees of North America.
Recommended Setting: Suitable as a support PC for any adventuring group, also as an NPC. Not recommended for Coalition or evil aligned campaigns. Can travel in all but the most extreme climates.


General Information
Nickname: Ra
Exp. Level: One
Experience Table: Body-Fixer
R.C.C.: D’norr Devilmen
O.C.C.: Body Fixer
Alignment: Principled
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 88%
Charm/Impress: Not applicable.
Health Points: 18 (+1D6+2/lvl)
S.D.C.: 43 (+1D6/lvl)
M.D.C.: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: 37 (permanent)
I.S.P.: Not applicable.
Chi: Not applicable.
Horror Factor: 12

IQ: 18 (one time +4% bonus to all newly gained skills)
ME: 13
MA: 26
PS: 14 (Lift/Carry: 280/140 lbs)
PP: 14
PE: 18
PB: 10
SPD: 12 (Run: 8 mph)

Hand to Hand: Basic
Attacks: 4
+Damage: None
+Strike: None
+Dodge: 2
+Parry: 1
+Roll: 3
+Restrain Punch: 2
+Disarm: 1
+Entangle: None
+Initiative: None
+Perception: 2 (+2 more when making an observation about a medical condition, diagnosis/health or medical procedure, as well as when dealing with drugs, chemicals, or poisons.)

Fist Punch 1D4
Power Punch 1D4×2 (counts as 2 attacks)
Backhand 1D4
Elbow 1D6
Kick 1D8
Power Kick 1D8×2 (counts as 2 attacks)
Knee 1D6
Horned Headbutt 2D4

Racial Natural Abilities
Not applicable.

Occupational Natural Abilities
Familiarity With D-Bees They have no skill penalties when working on comon/known D-Bees, and are only at a -16% when dealing with incredibly alien physiology, rare D-Bees, even previously unknown races.

Disease Diagnostic Specialist Can diagnose disease with incredible clarity and accuracy, as well as recognize possession and magical illnesses or curses. When using the Medical Doctor skill, they are at a +24% to diagnose the disease or recognize the magical malady, and are also at a +14% to the Holistic Medicine and Brewing: Medicinal skills to whip up a cure. Their diagnosis and skill with disease is so good, their cures and treatments reduce the symptoms (the penalties and durations) by half!

+Save Vs.
+Coma/Death: 6%
+Disease: 3
+Insanity: 2
+Poison/Toxins: 4
+Magic: 2
+Ritual Magic: None
+Psionics: None
+Harmful Drugs: 2
+Possession: None
+Pain: None
+Horror Factor: 1
+Fatigue: None
+Illusion: None
+Curses: None
+Mind Control: None

R.C.C. Skills:
Anthropology 44% +5%/lvl
Art 59% +5%/lvl
Mathematics: Basic 79% +5%/lvl

R.C.C. Related Skills:
Not applicable.

O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Native: Euro 98% (maximum)
Language: Other: American 74% +3%/lvl
Language: Other: Dragonese 74% +3%/lvl
Literacy: Native: Euro 74% +5%/lvl
Athletics (General)
Biology 64% +5%/lvl
Brewing: Medicinal 49%/54% +5%/lvl
Chemistry 54% +5%/lvl
Lore: D-Bees 69% +5%/lvl
Medical Doctor 84%/74% +5%/lvl
Pathology 74% +5%/lvl
Pilot: Automobile 74% +2%/lvl
Sensory Equipment 34% +5%/lvl (+24% for medical equipment)
Xenology 54% +5%/lvl

O.C.C. Related Skills: (+2 skills at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.)
Literacy: Other: American 39% +5%/lvl
Animal Husbandry 49% +5%/lvl
Field Surgery 49% +4%/lvl
Holistic Medicine 54%/40% +5%/lvl
Paramedic 59% +5%/lvl
Psychology 54% +5%/lvl
Veterinary Science 79% +4%/lvl
Entomological Medicine 59%/39% +5%/lvl
Forensics 59% +5%/lvl
Chemistry: Pharmaceutical 44% +5%/lvl
Zoology 44% +5%/lvl
Lore: Xiticix 49%/29% +5%/lvl

Secondary Skills: (+1 skill at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15.)
Astronomy and Navigation 44% +5%/lvl
Mathematics: Advanced 49% +5%/lvl
Computer Operation 44% +5%/lvl
Identify Plants and Fruits 44% +5%/lvl
Wilderness Survival 39% +5%/lvl

Weapon Proficiencies
Knife (Automatic O.C.C. bonus of +1 to strike. +1 strike 2, 4, 7, 10, 13. +1 parry 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. +1 strike when thrown 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13.)

Vibro Knife 1D6 M.D.
Scalpel ×2 1D4

Hunstman Main Body: 45 M.D.C., Helmet: 35 M.D.C., Arms: 15 M.D.C. each, Legs: 22 M.D.C. each. -10% to movement.

Vehicles/Riding Animals
Mountaineer ATV Vehicle Type: Armoured, 3 wheeled ATV transport vehicle. Crew: 1 pilot, 4 passengers comfortably, plus cargo area. Maximum Speed: 140mph. Engine: Electric. Maximum Range: 500mi. Size: 25ft long, 18ft tall, 5.5 tonnes. Main Body: 225 M.D.C.. Super Tires (4): 25 M.D.C. each. Pilot’s Compartment: 50 M.D.C. Serves as her home (sectioned off cargo area for sleeping area, installed plumbing, shower stall, kitchenette, etc..)

Gear (All located in backpack unless stated otherwise.)
Surgical Gown ×2 (located in ATV)
Disposable Surgical Gloves ×1 (box of 100)
Reusable Surgical Gloves (located in ATV)
Surgical Kit (includes scalpels, clamps, suture, needles, etc. – located in ATV)
Medical Kit (includes first aid kit, bandages, antiseptics, protein healing salve, aspirin, painkillers, antibiotics, hypodermic gun, stethoscope, pen flashlight, etc. – located in Medical Bag)
Internal Robot Micro-Surgeon System/IRMSS (located in ATV)
Robot Medical Kit/RMK (located in ATV)
Handheld Computer (always on person)
Handheld Blood Pressure Machine (computerized – located in Medical Kit)
Wilk’s LASER Scalpel (located in Medical Kit)
Thermometer (located in Medical Kit)
Palm Bio Unit (always on person)
Unbreakable Vial ×6 (and other basic chemistry/medical equipment – located in Portable Laboratory)
Portable Compu-Drug Dispenser (located in ATV)
Portable Laboratory (located in ATV)
Backpack (red medical cross stitched on)
Medical Bag (red medical cross stitched on)
Flashlight (always on person)
Outfit ×2 (located in ATV)
Brimmed Hat
Hooded Cape
Canteen (always on person)
Polarized Sunglasses
Air Filter
Pocket Notepad (always on person)
Pens ×2 (always on person)
Personal Items (sketchbook, artists charcoal/pencils/markers, photo of family, etc. – located in ATV)

Salary Not applicable.
Credits 5000
Black Market Items 12000 credits worth.
Other Currency Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Power Armour
Not applicable.

Personal Information
True Name: Ramziyah Nejem (Arabic, meaning “Symbolic Star”)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Traveling Doctor
Age: 58
Lifespan: 193
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 125lbs
Description: Light red skin, sharp horns protruding from her forehead, orange eyes. Most often wearing comfortable, breathable clothing, she enjoys dresses but rarely gets the opportunity to wear them socially. If traveling through an unknown area or CS territories, she will cover as much skin as possible, hiding her visage beneath a wide rimmed hat and a hooded cloak. Her bags have a red medic’s cross stitched into them, she is very proud of her profession.
Insanity(s): Phobia: Flying
Sentiments Toward Coalition State: Fear, they will avoid them at most costs: their fear does not stop them helping those wanted by the CS, however.
Sentiments Toward D-Bees: Friendly, they strive for their equality and regularly seek to improve their day to day lives.
Sentiments Toward Humans: Friendly, though wary of strangers for fear of being outed to the CS.
Mutations: Not applicable.

Sensitive Devilmen are naturally so compassionate, sensitive, and open that they are -1 to save vs. Horror Factor and Insanity (this is already reflected in the Saves table.)

Unfamiliar With Bionics/Cybernetics The Body-Fixer is unaccustomed to working with bionic implants and cybernetic augmentation. They are at a -16% when working with bionic modifications, -26% with alien cybernetics, and -46% with alien bionics.

Background: Born in the European Nations, her family moved to the United States to seek opportunity, but in the face of the CS and having been betrayed by their neighbors too many times, her parents chose to move back to their home country, where their race was more accepted and her family could practice their work in peace. Already of age, Ra sought to help other D-Bees with her medical skills and the resources her profession provided. She stays on the move, working a wide circuit of villages and towns, and specifically the small D-Bee or Native settlements between.
Family Tree: Her Father and Mother now reside in the European Nations, they are both Rogue Scientists. She is unable to keep regular contact, though manages to send them messages once every few months. She has no children of her own or other siblings.

Happy Gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Rifts is the sole property of Palladium Books and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

3 responses to “Toon Tuesday: Ra the D’norr Devilman Body-Fixer (Rifts)

  1. 3.23.2022

    Woke up just a 1/2 hour ago from dream about being on the summit of the ersatz peak, named D’norr. Wondered what Internet had to say. Found this.
    (Because I write and I do not want to steal existing material as my own, do I?)


  2. Must admit the D’norr are one of those simple but effective concepts that i really enjoy in Rifts in general and D-bees of North America in particular. But now a little bit of crossover-esque trivia: What if this race of devil-looking aliens and the Perytonians from Robotech: Sentinels were one and the same?


    • Sorry for the late reply, life got hectic!

      Wow, that’s an interesting comparison! I mean, it is Rifts, could very well be the same race, just stepped through a portal. ;]


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