Toon Tuesday: Lo the Greot Headhunter (Rifts)

I haven’t written an evil character in awhile, and haven’t tackled any cybernetic/augmented ones at all, so I thought it was about time to scribble one out! This toon is pretty fun stat-wise, because his stats are either pretty awesome, or…not so great at all (but the ones that count for his O.C.C. are nice!) Also, due to his power and his past near death experience, he starts with two insanities!

Game: Palladium Books’ Rifts RPG
Books Needed: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts World Book 30: D-Bees of North America.
Recommended Setting: Well suited to any evil aligned parties, or any bounty hunter/mercenary companies and campaigns. Not particularly suited for any average adventuring group, due to his Supernatural strength.


General Information
Nickname: Lo
Exp. Level: One
Experience Table: Headhunter
R.C.C.: Greot Hunter
O.C.C.: Headhunter
Alignment: Miscreant
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: +10% Intimidate (Not applicable to Invoke Trust.)
Charm/Impress: Not applicable.
Health Points: 24 (+1D6/lvl)
S.D.C.: Not applicable.
M.D.C.: 77 (+4D6 M.D./lvl)
P.P.E.: 4 (permanent)
I.S.P.: Not applicable.
Chi: Not applicable.
Horror Factor: 10 (13 if reputation is known.)

IQ: 8
ME: 8
MA: 5
PS: 38 (Supernatural, Lift/Carry:3400/2200lbs.)
PP: 13
PE: 24 (Supernatural)
PB: 3 (See Vulnerabilities section.)
SPD: 16 (×3 when swimming, Run: 10 mph)

Hand to Hand: Expert
Attacks: 5
+Damage: 23 (inflicts either weapon damage +bonus damage in S.D.C. or Supernatural P.S. damage, whichever is greater.)
+Strike: 2
+Dodge: None
+Parry: 1
+Roll: 7
+Restrain Punch: 7
+Disarm: 1 on a Called Shot with any W.P.
+Entangle: None
+Initiative: 3 (+1 at levels 4, 9, and 13.)
+Perception: 2

Fist Punch 5D6 M.D. (6D6 Restrained Punch)
Power Punch 1D6 M.D. x10 (counts as 2 attacks)
Claw Strike 2D6 M.D.
Backhand 3D6 M.D.
Elbow 5D6 M.D.
Kick 6D6 M.D.
Power Kick 6D6 M.D. x2 (counts as 2 attacks)
Knee 5D6 M.D.
Bite 1D6 M.D.

Racial Natural Abilities
Excellent Swimmer Triple their Spd while swimming and they can hold their breath for one minute per P.E. point! They can tolerate depths up to 600ft., and are equipped to handle the cold temperatures due to a thick blubbery layer beneath their scales.

Accelerated Healing Recovers at a rate of 3D6 M.D.C. every 12 hours (this is not applicable to artificial limbs/implants.)

Unnatural Resistances Cold (even M.D.) only inflicts half damage to them, and they are completely immune to U.V. rays, nuclear radiation, and all carcinogens.

Occupational Natural Abilities
Headhunter’s Find Contraband They have a good idea where to find arms dealers, weapons/bionics smugglers, body chop shops, Cyber-Snatchers, and underground Cyber-Docs, as well as how to spot and approach them. The character is also familiar with their general practices, hangouts, gang/criminal ties, code of conduct, fees, pricing, and modes of operation. Likewise, they have a good idea of what Black Market weapons and cybernetics should cost and what these people pay for contraband items (typically only 20% of the retail market price.) Furthermore, they know the consequences of being caught with illegal weapons, implants, or bionics (not that a Headhunter would care, but in all CS controlled cities and most other societies, M.D. weapons, concealed weapons and sidearms are forbidden inside large population centers.) This skill cannot be used to identify or locate drug dealers, assassins, smugglers of other items (such as magic or books), practitioners of magic, guilds, sects, or other secret societies or operations – only those dealing in the making/selling/smuggling of weapons, armour, vehicles, cybernetics, bionics, and advanced technologies. Base Skill: 53% +3%/lvl

Contacts Though they start with none other than rumored possible contacts (barring DM approval), as time goes on this character is likely to develop a network of contacts. These contacts are typically arms dealers, weapon smugglers, Operators/mechanics, Cyber-Docs, and the proprietors of body chop shops or other similar criminal operations. If they are a regular client, the particular dealer is likely to offer them additional information and goods. Where a good relationship is established, the contact is likely to provide a 10-20% discount and first rights of refusal to rare, experimental, and powerful (stolen) items.

+Save Vs.
+Coma/Death: 28%
+Disease: 5
+Insanity: None
+Poison/Toxins: 8
+Magic: 6
+Ritual Magic: None
+Psionics: None
+Harmful Drugs: None
+Possession: 1
+Pain: None
+Horror Factor: 6 (+1 at levels 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, and 15.)
+Fatigue: None
+Illusion: None
+Curses: None
+Mind Control: None

R.C.C. Skills:
Swiming 60% +5%/lvl

R.C.C. Related Skills:
Not applicable.

O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Native: American 94% +1%/lvl
Language: Other: Gobbley 60% +3%/lvl
Lore: D-Bees 35% +5%/lvl
Lore: Psychics and Psionics 35% +5%/lvl
Lore: Demons and Monsters 35% +5%/lvl
Computer Operation 50% +5%/lvl
Detect Ambush 40% +5%/lvl
Detect Concealment 40% +5%/lvl
Electronic Countermeasures 40% +5%/lvl
Land Navigation 46% +4%/lvl
Pilot: Tanks and APCs 46% +4%/lvl
Pilot: Hovercycle, Skycycle, and Rocketbike 80% +3%/lvl
Pilot: Automobile 70% +2%/lvl
Pilot: Motorcycle and Snowmobile 70% +4%/lvl
Radio: Basic 60% +5%/lvl
Read Sensory Equipment 40% +5%/lvl
Recognize Weapon Quality 40% +5%/lvl
Tracking: Humans and Robots 35% +5%/lvl
Weapons Systems 50% +5%/lvl (+1 strike when using weapons/targeting systems in a vehicle.)
Wilderness Survival 40% +5%/lvl

O.C.C. Related Skills: (+1 skill at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.)
Find Contraband 41% +4%/lvl
Interrogation 45% +5%/lvl (-20% on Supernatural creatures/monsters and Dragons.)
ID Undercover Agents 50% +4%/lvl
Streetwise 20% +4%/lvl

Secondary Skills: (+2 skills at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.)
Gambling: Standard 20% +5%/lvl
Appraise Goods 30% +5%/lvl
Research 40% +5%/lvl
Rope Works 30% +5%/lvl (characters bound by them are at -10% to slip their bonds.)
Body Building and Weight Lifting
Climbing 40%/30% +5%/lvl

Weapon Proficiencies
Energy Rifle (+1 strike 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13.)
Energy Pistol (+1 strike 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14.)
Heavy Military Weapons (+1 strike 1, 3, 6, 10, 14.)
Knife (+1 strike 2, 4, 7, 10, 13. +1 parry 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. +1 strike when thrown 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13.)
Targeting (+1 strike when thrown 1, 3, 7, 10. Critical damage on natural 19-20. See page 328 in Rifts Ultimate Edition for full description.)

Wilk’s 447 LASER Rifle (×7 clips) Damage: 3D6 M.D.. Range: 2000ft. Payload: 20 per e-clip, cannot use long e-clip. Slung around back.

Magnum Revolver 6D6 S.D., 140ft, 6 shot payload, kept in shoulder holster. ×48 extra ammo.

C-18 LASER Pistol (telescopic/nightvision scope, E-Clips ×4) 2D4 M.D., 800ft, 10 shot payload. Hidden in tail compartment.

Throwing Knife ×4 1D6, 60ft.
Survival Knife 1D6.
Vibro Knife 1D6 M.D.

Fragmentation Grenade 2D6, 20ft area of effect, ×5 (×2 hidden in tail compartment.)

LE-B1 Cyborg Light Espionage Armour Can clip right to bionic appendages, is otherwise worn. 135 M.D.C. This armour is bulky and at -15% to physical skills such as Acrobatics, Prowl, etc..

L1-B2 Cyborg Light Infantry Armour Can clip right to bionic appendages, is otherwise worn. 150 M.D.C. This armour is bulky and at -15% to physical skills such as Acrobatics, Prowl, etc..

Vehicles/Riding Animals
Not applicable.

Gear (All located in backpack unless stated otherwise.)
Street Clothing Outfit ×2
Dress Clothes
Camoflage Stealth Outfit
Gas Mask
Air Filter
High Impact Sunglasses
Handaxe (for chopping wood, 1D6)
NG-S2 Survival Pack
Internal Robot Micro-Surgeon System/IRMSS
Robot Medical Kit/RMK
Waterproof Container ×3
Canteen ×2
Freeze Dried Combat Rations ×21 days
Gun Cleaning Kit
Pen ×2
Personal Items (playing cards, set of dice, travel poker chips, a couple packs of cigarettes, etc..)

Salary As per bounty.
Credits 400
Black Market Items 3000 credits worth.
Other Currency Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Left Hand Fully cybernetic, 25 M.D.C.
Wrist Needle and Drug Dispenser A retractable needle slides out of the artificial wrist to inject the dosage into the victim*. Can hold up to 4 doses of each drug (Antibiotics and Poison not listed, but common), with a maximum limit of 20 doses. Injection type is selected through the Forearm Computer.
*Paralysis: ×4, takes effect in 1D4 melees, lasts for 2D6 minutes. Average cost is 150 credits per dose.
*Tranquilizer/Sleep: ×4, takes effect in 1D4 melees, lasts for 4D6 minutes. Average cost is 100 credits per dose.
*Truth Serum: ×4, takes effect in 2D6 minutes, lasts for 3D6 minutes. Average cost is 75 credits per dose.

Left Forearm Fully cybernetic, 25 M.D.C.
Ion Blaster (Standard) 3D6 M.D. (each blast counts as one melee), 1200ft range, 20 blasts per E-clip, an E-clip port is attached to the forearm and powers the blaster.

Left Upper Arm Fully cybernetic, 35 M.D.C.
Computer/Calculator Minature computer, much like a tiny hand held model. Connected internally to Headjack, waterproof.
Depth Guage and Alarm Internal implant that can calculate depth. Has a digital counter to indicate exact depth via internal audio or HUD system and makes warning signals when within 100ft of the character’s maximum depth tolerance. Connected to Arm Computer.

Left Eye
Passive Night Vision Light amplification system uses ambient light (moon, stars, camfire, etc.) to see clearly in the dark. Range: 2000ft (can be increased if combined with the telescopic lens feature.)

Universal Headjack and Ear Implant A small, universal jack that connects to a tiny reciever, the jack is located just behind the ear. It can connect to audio, sensory, robot, computer equipment, and most communication equipment including radios, video systems, radar, detection/warning devices, microphones, surveillance systems, as well as more conventional technology such as CD players, television, disc recorders, etc.. The Headjack recieves transmissions from the item connected to the reciever who then hears it in their ear, and since the device broadcasts to the inner ear, the transmissions are only heard by the reciever (even creatures wih enhanced hearing or listening devices/implants cannot hear from the character’s inner ear.) Can easily be concealed by hair or folds of skin, reciever is connected on or near the eardrum and cannot be seen unless looking directly into the ear. Includes a built-in radio and transmitter, which enables the character to receive and send transmissions much like a walkie talkie. It is so effective that they can transmit a whisper or the voices of other people wihin 6ft of them. Range: 3 miles.

Large Hidden Compartment 12 inches long, 6 inches deep, covered with prosthetic skin.

Power Armour
Not applicable.

Personal Information
True Name: Lawrence “Lo” Gideon
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Retrieval Specialist
Age: 29
Lifespan: 50
Height: 7′ 7″ (Before Partial Reconstruction: 7′ 5″)
Weight: 576lbs. (Before Partial Reconstruction: 542lbs.)
Description: Yellow scales, thick burn scars over left half of face and body, green reptilian eyes, his cybernetic left arm is very obvious (in fact his sleeves are typically torn off to show it off.) Most often wearing tank tops and cargo shorts/pants that allow room for his tail, rarely wearing his armour, and usually smoking. Always wearing combat boots, even in dress clothing (unless stealth is necessary, in which case, he prefers going barefoot.) Though he is very aggressive and easily irritated, his upbringing and previous life debt makes him very loyal to his team members, but if they cross him or get in his way, all bets are off.
Insanity(s): Obsession: Gambling, Phobia: Crowds.
Sentiments Toward Coalition State: Envy of their power and technological advancements, but a careful dose of respect and wariness, as he is a D-Bee. Will make efforts to avoid CS exposure.
Sentiments Toward D-Bees: So long as they are useful, don’t get in the way, and aren’t a significant threat, they’re fine (unless they’re the one he’s hunting.)
Sentiments Toward Humans: Generally, humans are much weaker than him, and as a result are often underestimated or simply seen as inferior and pathetic. There are a few that stick out, but typically he is either hunting them or more than willing to negate any threat they may have over his power or position.
Mutations: Not applicable.

Simulated Sense of Touch Simulation is only 35-52%, leaving any skill that requires the use of sensitive hands or nimble fingers such as Forgery, Art, Surgery, Pick Pocket, Locksmith, etc., at a -15% penalty, which also applies to the Prowl skill.

Low Physical Beauty Face is so scarred, deformed, frightening or ugly that the character suffers penalties of -10% to skills like Gambling, Intelligence Gathering, Performance, Public Speaking, and Undercover Ops, -30% to the Seduction skill, and a +10% bonus to the Intimidate skill. Any penalties are included in the total percentage in the skills sections.

Background: Born in Canada, he barely survived his childhood (like most of his race), due to inattentive parents and a dangerous lifestyle; they were always on the move, part of an unsavory mercenary company (sometimes legitimate bounty hunters and escorts, more often bandits.) He grew up with no respect for any law except the company’s own (1. Betray your crew and die, 2. Steal from your crew and you lose your hand, 3. Do it again and die, 4. When s*#% hits the fan, you’re on your own, 5. Etc. determined by the Boss), and was barely attended by his own family, moreso raised by the scoundrels they worked with. After reaching 13 (adolescence for Greots), he was deemed old enough for the harder, more dangerous runs; by 15, he was becoming skilled in interrogation (read: torture) techniques. Five years later, a bounty job went south – they had way more firepower than any intel claimed – and he was left in an exploding building as his team made their escape. Still needing the body of the target to get paid, the company dug through the wreckage to find it, and uncovered Lo, barely responsive and missing a limb. The Boss, a surprisingly cunning Bruutasaur, opted to use the reward to get him patched up; he became indebted to the group and the Boss used every opportunity to take advantage of that fact. Lo used his skills and implants to secure bounties, interrogate and torture sources, and generally terrorize anyone who got in his way for many years before he was free of his debt and able to leave the company.
Family Tree: Mother died, Father is still alive, no siblings. He does not care to make contact with his Father or his past company unless absolutely necessary.

Happy Gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Rifts is the sole property of Palladium Books and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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