Toon Tuesday: Dugan the Reptilian Raider Captain (Breachworld)

In celebration of Breachworld reaching completion on its Kickstarter and my excitement about the G+ Breachworld Community being established and gaining members everyday, I felt like making another character for that system! A simple one (a simple race, really,) but an interesting look at a “bad guy”.

Game: Breachworld
Recommended Setting: Nomadic or mercenary campaign. Also makes a decent NPC/small time villain (with his raiding party, of course.)


A Reptilian Raider atop his fearsome Trapcat!

Name: Dugan Drutnorth
Race: Reptilian Raider

Might: 3D
Agility: 4D
Wit: 2D+1
Charm: 2D+2

Move: 14

Skills: 2D Brawl, 2D Rifle, 1D Command, 1D Ride
Aether Feats: None.

Perks: Natural Weapon (racial)

Complications: Primitive (racial), Infamous (racial)

Gear: Weapon: Club (1D+1), Weapon: Medium Rifle (5D, 5 shots, 350ft range), Armour: Reinforced Leather (+3), Bumps x3, Shelter, Scope, Survival Kit, Water Purifier.

Background: Born into a community of other Raiders, he grew up with a love of brawling, shooting, and just generally taking what he wanted and being quite noisy about it. Being a bit more clever than the average Raider, Dugan was also a bit quicker and more accurate with his marksman training, which helped him rise to a commanding position in his ragtag raiding group. He is not typically friendly, but knows enough to keep his subordinates and their mounts satisfied with violence and loot (targeting the smaller weapons couriers and breweries.) While he is not the strongest of his group, he spent extra time learning how to brawl properly, just to get the upper claw on any “both arms swinging”, strongarm type upstarts. His Trapcat is affectionately called Daffy, which is secretly short for Daffodil (he likes the scent of flowers, not that he would ever admit it, ever.) Being the Captain of his band, he is afforded a decent rifle, and he’s gotten quite good with it, too. His superiors are typically with the main raiding party, whereas Dugan is often taking his outfit on smaller runs in the downtime. He imagines himself one day being the Raider King, but bides his time for now.

Happy gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Breachworld is the sole property of Jason Richards Publishing and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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