Toon Tuesday: Luke the River Folk Thief (Breachworld)

My first toon for Toon Tuesday hails from the up and coming RPG that got me back into blogging and, with any luck, regular gaming. It’s rekindled my burning fire to DM and write characters for fun. I want to take a moment to note that my cultural information will be different from the original world building, but until the advanced race folios are released I can only speculate and conjure, like any DM. Enjoy!

Game: Breachworld
Recommended Setting: Any campaign type where stealth is necessary. Heist campaigns, espionage, infiltration, etc.
Recommended Player Type: Someone who wants to play a smooth-talking theif who lives for the thrill of the heist. Players who are willing to be the “bad guy”, without that necessarily meaning that they are evil or make evil decisions – this character makes for a fun grey area on the morality scale (she is by no means evil or malicious, nor is she a “Robin Hood” archetype.)


A River Folk.

Name: Grinnluk Riverwolf A.K.A. Luke
Race: River Folk

Might: 1D
Agility: 3D
Wit: 3D
Charm: 4D+1

Skills: 1D Athletics, 1D Throw, 1D Stealth, 3D Pick Locks (advanced locks, specialized), 2D Diplomacy.
Aether Feats: None.

Perks: Swimmer: Major (racial).

Complications: Environmental Weakness (racial), Infamous.

Gear: Weapon: Throwing Knives (x12, 1D), Armour: Padded (black, +1), Climbing Gear, Screen, Datacard, Binoculars, Toolbag (lock picking kit included).

Background: She was born of the Riverwolf Streamclan, a small community of River Folk living on and beneath a lagoon. She is the eldest child of the Scalequeen (a title given to the leading elder, typically female,) and is skilled in diplomacy as an ambassador to other Streamclans and human towns. She left as part of a party to purchase the parts they needed for a purification pump and tools, as their lagoon had suffered a landslide and they needed to cleanse and unearth their homes. After her party made it to the town, they found that the parts and tools were too expensive for even the whole Streamclan to buy, so they made plans to go to the next town, a 3 day journey away. Deciding it was too far from their home, with many of her Streamclan trapped in their homes, Luke utilized her stealth to break into the shop and steal away the items, leaving behind the pearls they brought to trade with hidden for the owner to find later. Of course, her party was questioned, but through her cunning and diplomacy, they were quickly released. They returned in time to save their people, and Luke began to practice her lock picking and stealth, feeling the thrill of the theft in her scales. After a number of high profile thefts, she became infamous (though not easily distinguished from others of her race,) but manages to sneak by each time with some quick thinking and well placed words. Also using her skills, she has aquired several tools and items that help her with her thefts.

Happy gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Breachworld is the sole property of Jason Richards Publishing and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

2 responses to “Toon Tuesday: Luke the River Folk Thief (Breachworld)

  1. You’re right, this does look like a fun character. Combining the trope concepts of a PC Thief with an aquatic species make the old trope new and interesting again.


    • Sorry for the late reply, life got hectic and I kinda abandoned my blog…

      Thanks for the praise! I really liked the setup for Breachworld and wanted to show it some love. Aquatic species don’t get enough love, either! Thank you. :]


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