Toon Tuesday: Snow Bison the Mastodonoid Animal Shaman (Rifts)

Brace yourself for a huge post! I’ve decided to leave the starting fetishes out of this character write up because a Mastodonoid is powerful enough in its own right, so they probably would not see the point in bothering the spirits for a bonus they dont really need. According to Mr. Siembieda, author of the Mastodonoid race, once they find a mate, they are typically together for life. Therefore, I decided to write up a second Mastodonoid as a Lifemate to this one, rather than going the easy backstory route of their mate dying. This pair would be optimal for the role playing couple, something my spouse and I have tried out in the past with quite a bit of success. To any couples who want to play a couple in game, remember to keep the campaign and your personal life separate, and also, try to play characters that complement each other. The Lifemate (mentioned in more detail below) can be found here.

Game: Palladium Books’ Rifts RPG
Books Needed: Rifts World Book 30: D-Bees of North America, Rifts Book of Magic, and Rifts World Book 15: Spirit West (hereby refered to as SW).
Recommended Setting: Incredibly unsuited to any hot or warm climates (no deserts or tropics), but well suited to any arctic environments. Due to their simple nature, they are better suited to a traveling party that does not spend much time in large towns or cities, but very suited to an indigenous style campaign. Would be best set in a party involving their Lifemate, though this can be altered. Mastodonoids are ridiculously powerful and should not be paired with average adventuring parties.


General Information
Nickname: Snow Bison
Exp. Level: One
Experience Table: Animal Shaman (see SW)
R.C.C.: Mastodonoid
O.C.C.: Animal Shaman
Alignment: Principled
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: Not applicable.
Charm/Impress: Not applicable.
Health Points: 18 (+1D6/lvl)
S.D.C.: Not applicable.
M.D.C.: 69 (+3D6/lvl)
P.P.E.: 40 (+2D6/lvl)
I.S.P.: Not applicable.
Chi: Not applicable.
Horror Factor: Not applicable.

IQ: 10
ME: 18
MA: 10
PS: 43 (Supernatural, Lift/Carry: 4300/2150 lbs)
PP: 14
PE: 18 (Supernatural)
PB: 6 (by Human standards)
SPD: 11 (Run: 7.5 mph)

Hand to Hand: Expert
Attacks: 4
+Damage: 30
+Strike: 2
+Dodge: None
+Parry: None
+Roll: 5
+Restrain Punch: 6
+Disarm: None
+Entangle: None
+Initiative: 4
+Perception: None

Fist Punch 6D6 M.D.
Restrained Punch 1D6x10 S.D.
Power Punch 2D4x10 M.D. (counts as 2 attacks)
Backhand 3D4 M.D.
Elbow 5D4 M.D.
Kick 6D8 M.D.
Power Kick 2D8x10 M.D. (counts as 2 attacks)
Knee 6D4 M.D.
Bite 1D4 M.D.
Tusk Gore 2D6 M.D.
Claw Strike 3D6 M.D. (+Supernatural PS bonus damage)

Racial Natural Abilities
Impervious to Natural Cold Due to their shaggy fur and thick layer of blubber, they are completely immune to natural cold and magic cold does half damage.

Enhanced Healing Recovers M.D.C. at a rate of 3D6 per 12 hours.

Water Tolerance Can use their trunk-like mouth as a snorkel, as well as withstand depths up to 400ft without penalty or special equipment (this does not mean they can naturally breathe underwater.)

Occupational Natural Abilities
Totem Animal: Buffalo An imposing creature of size and strength, they are a strong, hardy, fast provider and protector who is at peace with themselves and their place in the world. Buffalo loves the company of others, is helpful, compassionate, merciful, and works well in groups of any size – a team player who thinks of others before themselves. If there is any (arguably) negative trait, it is that Buffalo can be complacent and non aggressive, they are happy to avoid trouble and problems rather than confront them, but when they do, it is always head on. To the Native people, Buffalo is granted nearly unequaled spiritual significance and is regarded as the ultimate in spiritual strength and self sacrifice. The Buffalo totem also includes, bison, yak, and other large, thick haired, herd animals. Tribal Warrior Power: +4 P.E., +8 P.S., +1D4x10 to physical M.D.C., goring or smashing with horns does supernatural P.S.+3D6 M.D., charging ram with horns does supernatural P.S.+4D6 M.D. (uses 2 attacks.) Acute hearing and good sense of smell, +1 initiative, and +1 dodge. The spiritual power of the Buffalo gives it an aura of awe factor for an equivalent of a horror factor of 15.

Shaman Language All Shaman O.C.C.s are taught to speak a secret language that allows them to recognize each other as Shamans and freely speak without worry of anyone who may overhear understanding them.

Blessed Equipment All Shaman O.C.C.’s personal equipment is blessed by the spirits and will only function for them. Even once the Shaman dies, or if their equipment is stolen, the item will cease to function or break. The only way to prevent this is for the Shaman to willingly give the items, or designate their being given, to someone before they die (after which those items are bound to that specific individual.)

Shaman Fetishes All Shaman O.C.C.s can create fetish objects, but only the spirits can empower them. Consequently, if the Shaman has fallen from favour, is careless with the spirit’s gifts, is constantly asking for such gifts, or for any reason the spirit determines the gift to be inappropriate, the spirit can refuse to empower the fetish (only Shamans, spirits, and Gods can make fetishes.) For more information about fetishes and their creation, see pages 49-50 of SW.

Animal Diagnosis Can determine the cause of a sickness or injury on any animal at a glance. The chance for successful diagnosis is equal to 67% +3%/lvl.

Disease Immunity They are immune to all disease that is non magical in origin.

Animal Spirit The shared spirit between the Shaman and the Totem Animal Greater Spirits allow them to be recognized by all normal animals as one of their own kind. Thus the Shaman can walk among deer or run with wolves and be accepted as one of them. This ability is not limited to any one species, but all animals, including mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians, and even dinosaurs who are the same or very similar to those of Earth’s past. This acceptance by animals does not include magical beasts, such as Unicorns and Dragons, or Supernatural predators.

Animal Communication They can communicate (in any language they know) with animals by simply talking to them. The animal will understand as though they were barking, chirping, or growling in the animal’s language, and when the animal responds it is understood in the same way by the Shaman. The effect is identical to a two-way Tongues spell, but costs no P.P.E. and is automatic and constant.

Horsemanship: Cowboy The Cowboy is, arguably, the most skilled of all riders, equalled only by the Cossack, and understands all methods of care, breaking, grooming, and breeding for horses. All bonuses are combined with regular bonuses, are active only while riding on horseback, and apply to the rider, not the horse. +1 initiative at levels 2, 5, 10, and 15. +2 roll with impact when knocked from horseback. +2 parry, dodge, and rope/ensnare/tangle. +1D4 S.D. or M.D. (depending upon the weapon used, this is not applicable to guns or blasters, only physical weapons.) Charge attack with a polearm or spear adds +2D6 S.D. or 1D6 M.D. (depending upon the weapon used, the rider must roll under the second skill percentile to stay mounted after impact, and charge attacks count as 2 attacks.) Horse strikes are possible, +4 to strike for the animal itself to attack.

Horsemanship: Exotic The character understands all methods of care, breaking, grooming, and breeding as with any Horsemanship skill, but they are experienced in riding tame animals other than the horse. “Exotic animals” can include elephants, camels, llamas, pegasus, gryphons, dinosaurs, giant insects, and other monstrous beasts trained (or willing) to be ridden. Wild or untamed creatures cannot be ridden except by Simvan or select other characters with animal skills or spells. See other Horsemanship skill for applicable riding bonuses.

+Save Vs.
+Coma/Death: 6%
+Disease: 5 (Immune to all non magical disease.)
+Insanity: 2
+Poison/Toxins: 5 (+4 more vs. animal poison/venom.)
+Magic: 3
+Ritual Magic: 3
+Psionics: 2
+Harmful Drugs: None
+Possession: 4 (Immune to demonic possession.)
+Pain: None
+Horror Factor: 8
+Fatigue: None
+Illusion: None
+Curses: None
+Mind Control: 4 (This includes all forms of mind control, even the obscure.)

R.C.C. Skills:
Land Navigation 61% +4%/lvl
Skin and Prepare Animal Hides 60% +5%/lvl
Track and Trap Animals 45%/35% +5%/lvl
Wilderness Survival 60% +5%/lvl

R.C.C. Related Skills:
Not applicable.

O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Native: Inuit 98% (max)
Language: Other: American 98% (max)
Language: Other: Native American 60% +3%/lvl
Language: Other: Dragonese/Elven 60% +3%/lvl
Mathematics: Basic 55% +5%/lvl
Breed Dogs 55%/35% +5%/lvl
Dance 45% +5%/lvl
Sing 45% +5%/lvl
Cook 50% +5%/lvl (+10% to cook game animals.)
Preserve Food 45% +5%/lvl
Track: Humanoids 35% +5%/lvl
Prowl 37% +5%/lvl
Horsemanship: Cowboy 66%/50% +3%/lvl (See Occupational Natural Abilities for bonuses.)
Horsemanship: Exotic 30%/20% +5%/lvl (See Occupational Natural Abilities for bonuses.)

O.C.C. Related Skills: (+2 skills at levels 3, 7, 11, and 15.)
Lore: Inuit People 35% +5%/lvl
Lore: Native Americans 35% +5%/lvl
Fasting 50% +3%/lvl
Identify Plants and Fruits 35% +5%/lvl

Secondary Skills: (+2 skills at levels 4, 8, and 12.)
Not applicable.

Weapon Proficiencies
Spear (+1 strike/parry 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. +1 strike when thrown 3, 6, 10, 14.)
Knife (+1 strike 2, 4, 7, 10, 13. +1 parry 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. +1 strike when thrown 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13.)

Compound Bow 700ft, 3D6+1 S.D., x30 steel-tipped arrows.
Large, Animal Bone Knife 2D6 S.D. (in belt sheath.)

Spear x2 3D6 S.D. (in hand or on back.)

Does not wear armour, rather, they rely upon their transformative and magical abilities, animal companions, and their own M.D.C. natural armour.

Vehicles/Riding Animals
They are capable of riding dinosaur mounts (see Horsemanship: Exotic) but do not have one at this time. They are too large to ride on all but the largest horses, who are not well suited to such cold climates.

Gear (All located in backpack unless stated otherwise.)
Traveling Clothes
Ceremonial Clothes
Ceremonial Animal Skin (buffalo pelt, always worn)
Hooded Cloak
Flint and Steel x2 (x1 in belt pouch)
Firewood and Tinder Bundle x3 (in large water resistant sack)
Fishing Hooks x12 (×4 in belt pouch)
Twine x30ft
Leather Belt (x8 pouches)
Small Sacks (×4, for seeds)
Large Water Resistant Sack
Cold Weather Blanket x3
Waterskin x2
Collapsible Shovel
Handaxe (1D8, strapped to belt)
Skinning Knife (1D8)
Tanning Frame
Trail Rations x7 days
Small Mixing Bowl
Grinding Stone
Spices and Salts
Sewing Needles ×12 (×6 in belt pouch)
Spool of Thread x2 (×1 in belt pouch)
Charcoal Stick x4 (×1 in belt pouch)
Tradeable Goods

Salary Not applicable.
Credits None.
Black Market Items None.
Other Currency 1000 credits worth in gems, animal pelts, and rare herbs.

Magic (+1 level 1-3 spell at levels 2, 5, 9, and 12. At 2nd level, they innately know all of the Shamanistic Animal Spells beginning on page 75 of SW. +1 spell not exceeding their character level from the spells listed on page 55 of SW at 3rd level and every level thereafter.)
See the Invisible Range: 120ft, double on a ley line. Duration: 1min/level. Cost: 4 P.P.E.. Saving Throw: None. Can see entities, beings, forces, objects, and creatures which have turned invisible or are naturally invisible. Even if the creature has no form per se, the can discern the vaporous shape or energy sphere that is the being. This includes ghosts, Entities, Elementals, and Astral Beings.

Sense Evil Range: 140ft. Duration:2mins/lvl. Cost: 2 P.P.E.. Saving Throw: None. Can sense the presence of evil (all supernatural beings radiate their alinment, good or evil and can be vaguely sensed without expending any P.P.E., but for a clearer picture, Sense Evil must be used.) Will indicate the general number of supernatural beings in range, and can also register the intensity of the evil and pinpoint the general location of the sources to a particular room, possessed object, character, and distance. Can track supernatural evil by sensing how close/far it is within range. Evil emanations from humans are much less distinct and can only be sensed if they have an immediate evil intention and have psionics or is psychotic (can be masked with a Mind Block.)

Sense Magic Range:120ft. Duration: 2mins/lvl. Cost:4 P.P.E.. Saving Throw: None. User can feel magic emanations and pinpoint their direction, source, and location by following them. Invisible, magical, or supernatural creatures/objects can only be tracked to a general area. Can also sense whether an item has magical properties, if a person/item is under a magic spell/enchantment, when magic is being used in range, and who is casting the spell. Does not sense psionic power.

Armour of Ithan Range: Self or other by touch. Duration: 1 minute per caster level. Cost: 10 P.P.E.. This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic body armour upon the caster. Or the armour can be instantly created upon anyone so long as the caster is touching the recipient. Named after the magic armour of the Dwarven King Ithan, it has an M.D.C. rating of 10 per caster level. Magic fire, lightning, and cold attacks do half damage to it.

Throwing Stones Range: 200ft +100ft per level, self only. Damage: 1D6 M.D.+1 point of M.D. per level. Duration: 2 melee rounds. Saving Throw: Dodge. Cost: 4 P.P.E.. The caster draws upon the earth to make a hardball sized, circular stone appear in their hands. The stone is then magically hurled with surprising accuracy and distance, it strikes with the force of a cannon. The caster chooses the target and throws the stone like they would a ball, with a +2 bonus to strike (P.P. attribute and targeting bonuses are applied as well.) The target may attempt to dodge, but the stones are magically propelled and too fast for most to parry (any attempts to do so are at a penalty of -4.) After a stone hits it crumbles into dirt. Creating and throwing a stone counts as one melee action.

Frostblade Range: Close, hand to hand combat. Damage: 4D6 M.D. (6D6 M.D. against creatures of fire, if they take double damage from cold, then 8D6 M.D.) Duration: 2 minutes per caster level. Cost: 15 P.P.E.. This spell transforms an ordinary (S.D.C.) sword, knife, or metal rod/strip into a 4ft long sword that glows pale white with a misty energy that inflicts damage with a combination of magic and numbing cold. After creating it, the caster can give it to someone else to wield if they so choose. The weapon can be used like any sword, but it can also parry energy blasts (with no bonuses.) The blade can not be damaged through parrying and transforms back into the original weapon/rod once the duration ends. This weapon can be used in combination with the Ricochet spell.

Heal Animals A healing touch that works only on normal animals. Restores 3D6 S.D.C. per touch. Cost: 2 P.P.E.

Cure Animal Disease They can cure an animal of disease by spending P.P.E.. Each time the spell is invoked, the animal gets a save vs disease roll of 15 or higher. If the role is successful, the animal immediately begins to recover and is well and back on its feet in 24 hours. This spell can be attempted repeatedly so long as the Shaman has enough P.P.E. to use it. Cost: 20 P.P.E.

Rekindle Slain Animal Life If an animal is killed for no good cause (I.e., not for food or in self defense, but for a foul or selfish reason) the Shaman can ask the Great Spirits to restore its spirit to its body. Any wounds on the body must be mended/repaired so that the rekindled essence can heal the body normally, otherwise the animal will simply suffer and die again. A successful medical skill roll or magic healing will help to stabilize the rekindled spirit. The success of this small ritual is 10% +5%/lvl, and it takes 20+4D6 minutes to complete.

Metamorphosis: Totem Animal Range: Self. Duration: 30 minutes per level. Cost: 18 P.P.E.. This is a specialized metamorphosis spell in that it allows the Shaman to transform into one specific animal as represented by their totem. Note that a Shaman animal form will not be effected by a Spirit’s Blessing spell, but can still benefit from a Totem’s Gift spell. This is identical to the level 7 spell Metamorphosis: Animal, with the restriction of only being able to transform into their Animal Totem.

Totem Gift Range: Self. Duration: 2 melees per level. Cost: 12 P.P.E.. When the Shaman casts this spell, they infuse their self with the power of their Animal Totem and get the Tribal Warrior bonuses listed under their totem (note, this does not transform them into an animal, but can be used in conjunction with Metamorphosis: Totem Animal, which transforms them into said animal.) Special abilities, such as tunneling and digging, are also applied, though the Shaman’s hands may be unsuited to the task (certain D-Bees may have appropriate extremities for the task, by DM approval), in which case their speed while performing theses skills are halved.

Nose of the Wolf Range: Self and two others by touch. Duration: 5 minutes per level. Cost: 4 P.P.E.. This spell gives the recipient(s) the incredible sense of smell of a wolf. They have the ability to recognize and identify odors at 70%, track by smell alone at 60%, and recognize a specific individual by scent at 50% (though this person must be well known to the character.) This spell can also be used to add +5% to the scent tracking abilities of a normal animal or a Dog-Boy.

Animal Companion Range: Varies. Duration: Indefinite. Saving Throw: Standard. Cost: 20 P.P.E.. This spell summons an animal of the desired species to the caster (often canines, felines, horses, or similar.) When the animal arrives, it will act as though it were the devoted, life long companion to the caster. Unlike the Familiar Link spell, there is no mental or magical bond other than friendship. Giant animals (buffalo, elephants, dinosaurs, etc.) and animals with more than 50 M.D.C. cannot be summoned. If the animal is treated well, it will remain with the spellcaster indefinitely (a minimum of 1D4 weeks), and may even risk their life for them. The animal is considered intelligent for its breed and arrives with a sense of friendship and devotion, but the caster must nurture that trust and devotion or it will fade. The spell may be cast repeatedly, but only once per month or when the caster has 2 or less animal companions.

Spirit’s Blessing (Animal) Range: One by touch. Duration: 2 minutes per caster level. Cost: 20 P.P.E.. This can only be cast upon a normal (S.D.C.) animal, when it is it fills the animal with magical strengths. It is best applied to loyal and controllable animals. Animals protected by this spell will willingly fight for the caster or its owner, if they are so inclined by friendship or magic, but it does not impart ignorance of injury or death, and it would not fight any longer than it would normally. The animal is granted these bonuses; limited M.D.C. equal to the animal’s natural S.D.C. and Hit Points plus 30%, supernatural strength which increases their bite and claw damage to 2D6 M.D., double the animal’s natural speed (that’s up to 70mph for wolves and 80mph for horses), and immunities to horror factor, fatigue, and poisons while magically imbued. When the spell wears off, half of any M.D.C. damage taken is transferrred to the animal’s normal S.D.C. and Hit Points, and the rest is negated.

Not applicable.

None so far, though they may be easily summoned with their abilities.

Not applicable, in fact, a Mastodonoid will typically avoid any type of mechanical or bionic augmentation, even if injured (would only consider it if gravely injured.)

Power Armour
Not applicable.

Personal Information
True Name: Yakone (Inuit name meaning “red aurora”) Snow Bison
Gender: Female
Occupation: Animal Healer and Keeper
Age: 46
Lifespan: 93
Height: 10′ 1″
Weight: 620lbs
Description: Reddish skin and hair, dark, tough skin, short tusks with feather adornments, grey eyes. She is usually wearing her native, cold weather traveling clothes, made of pelts, leather, and simple thick cloth robes of the Shaman, as well as a buffalo skin (complete with horns) which doubles as a hooded cloak. Her spear doubles as a walking stick, and she is always seen with an animal or two around her, if she is not already migrating with a group.
Insanity(s): Phobia: Coalition Skelebots
Sentiments Toward Coalition State: Fear, will avoid their territories at almost any cost.
Sentiments Toward D-Bees: Respect, especially amonsgst the races which bear resemblance with animals or have a natural connection with life and the spirits.
Sentiments Toward Humans: Respect, especially amongst other indigenous peoples such as the Native Americans or the Inuit tribes, but also wariness, as her race is often regarded with fear due to their power and size.
Mutations: Not applicable.

Warm Climates Uncomfortable in environments warmer than 80 degrees (Fahrenheit), and suffers penalties of -1 attack per melee, -30% to Spd, and they fatigue at the same rate as humans (twice that if the temperature is 90 degrees or warmer.)

Unaccustomed to Cities In this instance, their low to average IQ and simple way of living works against them; they do not understand the laws and customs of most civilized people, dislike most technology, and hate being cooped up in a town or city. All of the sights, smells, sounds, and activity makes them jumpy, hyper, hurts their ears, and gives them a headache (reduce all combat bonuses by half as well as a -15% penalty to skill performance.)

Low Physical Beauty Face is so scarred, deformed, frightening or ugly by Human standards that the character suffers penalties of -5% to skills like Gambling, Intelligence Gathering, Performance, Public Speaking, and Undercover Ops, -20% to the Seduction skill, and a +5% bonus to the Intimidate skill. Any penalties are included in the total percentage in the skills sections.

Background: Born in a large, mixed tribe of Mastodonoid and Inuit peoples in the frozen tundras of Canada, she was called Yakone (meaning “red aurora”) for her unusually light colouring. As she grew, she had an obvious affinity for animals and healing, she even seemed to have the spirit’s blessing to communicate with them! Her fascination with magic and her steadfast, protective nurturing toward all animals made the Elders agree to train her in the Shaman ways, and she learned much to aid the creatures of nature. Upon reaching adolescence, still without a Totem Animal, she wanted desperately to travel with the Caribou in the deep Winter, but the Elders refused. Strong of will and wanting to protect the young caribou who were born in the last season, she sneaked away in the night, unknowingly followed by her friend, Aqillutaq (also a Mastodonoid who had yet to find his Totem.) She traveled with the caribou for weeks, unaware of his presence, until they were finally set upon by a starved pack of wolves. While her people have a great respect for the circle of life and the ways of nature, Yakone would not allow the young caribou to be taken and the wolves were too hungry to communicate with using her gift. Aqillutaq revealed himself and used his warrior’s skills to assist Yakone’s efforts to protect the young without killing the wolves; the wolves took the elderly caribou they needed, and the young ones were spared. Their comraderie grew as they traveled with the herd together, and by the time they arrived back home in the folowing season, they were in love. The Elders happily celebrated their return, and their Totems had finally revealed themselves in a vision to the Elder Shaman; a massive elk and a bison as white as the snow, protecting each other in a storm. They were shortly named (Snow Bison and Tall Elk) and united as Lifemates, and in the coming years had two children, twin Sons. Once their Sons were grown, the Lifemates set off, seeking out the cause for dwindling food sources and famine in the animals, which had slowly gotten worse over the years.
Family Tree: Children are Sauri and Pakak, they are identical twins (though their parents can always tell the difference), she is in regular contact with them through messages and the occasional use of technology (the tribe does have a few amenities.) Her Lifemate is Aqillutaq, who goes by Tall Elk and has the Moose Totem, they travel together.

Happy Gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Rifts is the sole property of Palladium Books and any artists therein. I claim no ownership of content.

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