Toon Tuesday: Cooper the Human CS Navy Sailor (Rifts)

There was a really nasty cold making its rounds at our house and it had finally caught up with our toddler last week. She was absolutely miserable, it was awful. So, I went with an uncomplicated character to make things a bit easier on myself, but still didn’t end up getting it finished in time. So, apologies for my missed week. I currently only have a couple pro-CS toons posted, so have another!

My Dad is proud to be a former US Navy Sailor; I hear his tales and swashbuckling stories all the time. While he was in the service, he introduced a great number of Sailors to Rifts, and I think his Naval career still strongly influences his campaigns as DM and his playstyle as a PC. This character is heavily inspired by him and his tales, though he was in Culinary, not Medical.

A quick note; I’ve added Biology and Chemistry as O.C.C. Skills at +10% for the Medic MOS, and I consider Literacy at +10% to be an available skill (if not automatically included.) This is because more than half of the medical skills require these to be taken and also because they are cornerstones of the medical profession and should have been included in the first place. This also means that by level 3, if they have the required skills, the character could take Medical Doctor, Psycology, Cybernetic Medicine, or Crime Scene Investigation if they desired – all logical steps forward in their career and collected experience by that point. I feel this also opens up the Medic MOS to include various specialties in the medical field, giving more opportunities and customization for the character.

And, though she is of an Officer rank, this is due to her military paid education, and so I did not include the Officer MOS skills (though I could have.) However, as Pilot: Ships is an O.C.C. skill but requires Sewing and Rope Works, those skills have been added at a basic skill level (check out my House Rules for more similar fixes.)

Game: Palladium Books’ Rifts RPG.
Books Needed: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts Sourcebook 04: Coalition Navy, Rifts World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign.
Recommended Setting: Any starting level Coalition campaign group in need of a medic.


'This injury isn't even half as difficult as birthing a foal; I'll patch you up right quick and you'll be back on your regular rounds in no time!' - LTJG Cooper

General Information
Nickname: O-2 Cooper (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
Exp. Level: One
Experience Table: CS Navy Sailor
R.C.C.: Human
O.C.C.: CS Navy Sailor (Medic MOS)
Alignment: Scrupulous
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: Not applicable.
Charm/Impress: Not applicable.
Health Points: 13 (+1D6/lvl)
S.D.C.: 22 (+1D6/lvl)
M.D.C.: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: 8 (permanent)
I.S.P.: Not applicable.
Chi: Not applicable.
Horror/Awe Factor: Not applicable.

IQ: 15
ME: 16
MA: 13
PS: 13 (Lift/Carry: 260/130 lbs.)
PP: 12
PE: 13
PB: 9
SPD: 13 (Run: 8 mph.)

Hand to Hand: Basic
Attacks: 4
+Damage: None
+Strike: None
+Dodge: None
+Parry: None
+Roll: 2
+Restrain Punch: 2
+Disarm: None
+Entangle: None
+Initiative: None
+Perception: None
+Spell Strength: None

Fist Punch 1D4
Power Punch 1D4x2 (counts as 2 attacks)
Backhand 1D4
Elbow 1D6
Kick 1D8
Power Kick 1D8x2 (counts as 2 attacks)

Racial Natural Abilities
Not applicable.

Occupational Natural Abilities
Not applicable.

+Save Vs.
+Coma/Death: None
+Disease: None
+Insanity: 1
+Poison/Toxins: None
+Magic: None
+Ritual Magic: None
+Psionics: 1
+Harmful Drugs: None
+Possession: None
+Pain: None
+Horror Factor: None
+Fatigue: None
+Illusion: None
+Curses: None
+Mind Control: None

R.C.C. Skills:
Not applicable.

R.C.C. Related Skills:
Not applicable.

O.C.C. Skills: (Medic MOS)
Language: Native: American 98% (maximum)
Mathematics: Basic 55% +5%/lvl
Radio: Basic 55% +5%/lvl
Swimming 65% +5%/lvl
Navigation 50% +5%/lvl
Weapons Systems 45% +5%/lvl
Pilot: Ships 55%/50% +5%/lvl
Pilot: Submersibles 45% +5%/lvl
Paramedic 55%+5%/lvl
Basic Cybernetics 30% +5%/lvl
Field Surgery 21% +4%/lvl
Sea Holistic Medicine 33% +5%/lvl
Biology 40% +5%/lvl
Chemistry 40% +5%/lvl
Sewing 40% +5%/lvl
Rope Works 30% +5%/lvl (Anyone bound by this character is at -10% to slip their bonds.)

O.C.C. Related Skills: (+1 skill at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.)
Literacy: Native: American 50% +5%/lvl
Animal Husbandry 45% +5%/lvl
Brewing: Medicinal 45%/50% +5%/lvl
Holistic Medicine 45%/35% +5%/lvl
Veterinary Science 60% +4%/lvl

Secondary Skills: (+2 skills at levels 4, 8, and 12.)
Identify Plants and Fruits 35% +5%/lvl
Computer Operation 40% +5%/lvl

Weapon Proficiencies
Knife (+1 strike 2, 4, 7, 10, 13. +1 parry 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. +1 strike when thrown 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13.)
Energy Rifle (+1 strike 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13.)

C-20 LASER Pistol: Only issued if out on assignment.
Damage: 2D6 M.D.
Range: 800 feet.
Payload: 21 shots (×3 extra e-clips.)

C-40 Pulse LASER Rifle: Only issued if out on assignment. The CP-40 has four settings, two S.D.C. and two M.D. The rifle can also be set to fire a single shot or a pulse of three nearly simultaneous blasts. It comes standard with a passive nightvision scope and laser targeting.
Mega Damage: 2D6 M.D. per single laser blast or 6D6 M.D. per rapid-fire pulse (three simultaneous blasts fired one micro-second after the other).
Standard Damage: The weapon can also be set to fire a single S.D. blast that does 3D6 or a rapid-fire pulse that does 1D6×10.
Range: 2000 feet.
Payload: 21 blasts (7 shots) per standard E-Clip, 30 blasts (10 shots) per long E-Clip. In the alternative, the CP-40 can be connected an energy cable to a portable hip/backpack carried energy canister (both are the same small size), which provides 60 single blasts or 20 triple blasts. Thirty single S.D. blasts use up the equivalent energy of a single M.D. blast, while six S.D. pulse blasts count as one M.D. blast. (×3 extra e-clips.)

CA-4 Mk2 “Shark” Body Armour: Only issued if out on a dangerous assignment or for combat duty. Includes computer con- trolled life support, air filtration, purge system and independent oxygen supply (5 hours). Thus, the environmental armor is suitable for operations both on land and in or under water. Maximum depth of 400 feet.
M.D.C. By Location: Helmet: 70. Main Body: 100. Arms (2): 60 each. Legs (2): 80 each.
Mobility: -5% to climb, and-20% to prowl, swim, do acrobatics and similar physical skills/performance.
Vibro Fins: On the shoulders, forearms and knees: These blades can be turned on when desired via voice command or 4 digit code. Used for both protection (anybody grabbing the body where the blades are located will be cut, suffering 1D6 M.D.) and combat (raking an opponent with the forearms, knee attack, or shoulder ram). A single blade does 1D6 M.D.. This is what also earned the armor its “Shark” nickname. Note that many aquatic animals, including sharks, dolphin, whales and sea serpents can hear and feel the vibrations emitted by the blades up to two miles away.
Depth Gauge and Gyro-System: Built into the armor and transmitted via the Heads Up Display are a data and warning system that provides the Navy Trooper with a constant indication of depth and general direction (i.e. pointed up, down, or sideways). This means the Marine can maneuver even in total darkness. An alarm sounds in the helmet when the character sinks toward dangerous depths; to go deeper is to suffer the bends from the water pressure.
Modular Backpack System: Allows for the attachment of additional oxygen tanks (4 hours per tank; 2 tanks maximum), or an underwater jet pack, or flying jet pack, or an air and watertight storage container.

CA-3 “Light” Dead Boy Armour: This Coalition armor is typically reserved for female troopers, scouts and special teams reconnaissance, Intelligence, Special Forces, etc.). The helmet is often given a plume or pony-tail of hair-like fibers to denote female officers and wilderness scouts; spikes are used for psionic officers.
M.D.C. By Location: Helmet: 70. Main Body: 80. Arms (2): 55 each. Legs (2): 70 each.
Mobility: Very good to good; -5% to climb and to prowl, swim, do acrobatics and similar physical skills/performance.

Vehicles/Riding Animals
Not applicable. The military may provide a vehicle if a mission requires it.

Gear (All located in backpack or bunk unless stated otherwise.)
Military Fatigues ×3
Dress Uniform
Inflatable Life Vest (supports the weight of body armour)
Rain Suit, Heavy Duty
Winter Jacket
Woolen Cap
Gloves (×4 pairs)
Multi-Blade Pocket Knife (1D4 S.D.)
Grooming Kit
Medical Kit, Large
Medical Kit, Small (typically carried on person)
Flashlight, Large (uses ×3 batteries)
Flashlight, Small (uses ×1 battery, always in pocket)
Battery ×8
Pocket Notepad ×2 (×1 in pocket always)
Pen ×2 (×1 in pocket always)

Magic Gear

Salary: 2,500 credits per month. They also receive food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and other basic necessities for free through the military.
Credits: 2,500
Black Market Items: 0 credits worth (not counting CS equipment.)
Other Currency/Accounts: Savings Account has 38,000 credits – this is money she has made a commitment to not use unless necessary or until she can start her veterinarian business post military.

Magic (P.P.E. Cost)
Not applicable.

Psionics (I.S.P. Cost)
Not applicable.

Not applicable.

None, but they may be purchased or installed later; typically restricted to prosthetics and medical implants.

Power Armour/Robot Vehicles
Not applicable.

Personal Information
True Name: Fiona Coopersfield (Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-2)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Navy Medic/Veterinary Doctor
Age: 26
Lifespan: 61
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 162 lbs.
Description: She is tall and black skinned with a slim figure, military cut hair, and dark brown eyes. She is most often in her military fatigues, though for casual dress she likes to wear simple jeans or a skirt and bright colored shirts. She has straight, bright teeth and a wide smile, and is typically of a friendly demeanor.
Insanity(s): Fear of the Dark (see vulnerabilities.)
Sentiments Toward Coalition State: Support; she recognizes how much good the CS has done for the Earth and believes it to be an important force against those who would hurt it or its inhabitants. She does not support acts of genocide or the harassment of D-Bees – unless they are dangerous – though suspects many of those stories are falsified or sensationalized.
Sentiments Toward D-Bees: Interest; their medical makeup is intriguing, and if given the opportunity she will gladly assist any non-dangerous D-Bee. She loves working with Dog Boys and admires their natural abilities for this reason, as well.
Sentiments Toward Humans: Neutral; she is Human and believes that they are the true residents of Earth, but does not think mankind to be superior to other lifeforms.
Sentiments Toward Magic/Psionics: Wariness; spells can be dangerous and psionics are medically unfounded, but they have their place. If utilized correctly, and not in an aggressive manner, they are perfectly acceptable. Unless in fatal situations, she does not approve of magic/psychic healing, however – she feels it is unnatural.
Mutations: Not applicable.

Fear of the Dark Never liked the dark when younger, hates it since being exposed to the paranormal and/or the supernatural. Who knows what horrors may be lurking in the dark? The character becomes a gibbering zombie when locked or placed in dark places if alone and without a light source.
Penalties: Only 1 attack/action per melee round, no bonuses, no skill capabilities, and speed is reduced by half. Will collapse (fall unconscious) after 2D4 melee rounds and will remain catatonic until removed from the darkness or a light is lit. Has trouble sleeping at night without some source of constant light. Also, -3 to Save Vs. Horror Factor that involves creatures of darkness.

Background: Growing up middle class in a medium sized CS town, there weren’t many opportunities availiable to the Coopersfield family and their only child. Her parents both worked multiple jobs to try to give Fiona a decent life, and though their marriage suffered for it, they had a close and loving relationship with their daughter and supported her dreams and ideals. Fiona adored working with animals and wanted to become a veterinarian from a young age. Unfortunately, with their finances she could not afford to go to college or seek the professional tutelage necessary to become certified to work with animals. In her teenaged years, Fiona had almost resigned herself that working on a farm would be as close as she could get to her dream, when a Coalition Navy recruitment officer presented the option of a military-funded education. Fiona jumped happily at the chance, even if it meant grueling physical training and a complete lifestyle change; it was only for a few years and then she would have the chance to become fully certified and open her own clinic, after all! She made it through her schooling with good grades and an upbeat attitude, and through her training with a surprising zest. Now, she primarily works with human medical conditions, but specializes with animals. She hopes to someday learn more about common D-Bees (like Dog Boys, she’s pretty acquainted with them) and their medical needs so she can treat them better, as well. She still has 3 years left on her military contract, and works hard to save credits here and there to put toward her own clinic once she’s out.

Family Tree: Father is Scott Spellacy (dropped his wife’s last name after divorce), who is still in the contracting business and making furniture on the side. Mother is Serena Coopersfield, a skilled Chef who has published recipes. Parents divorced after she graduated, but still maintain civil contact with each other and frequent contact with Fiona. No siblings, though she has a couple of cousins and an estranged Uncle (on her Mother’s side) few States away (no contact).

Quick Stats
Cooper the Human (Scrupulous, 1st level CS Navy Sailor O.C.C. – Medic MOS)
IQ: 15 ME: 16 MA: 13 PS: 13 PP: 12 PE: 13 PB: 9 Spd: 13 HP: 13 SDC: 22 PPE: 8 Attacks: 4
Arms: “Shark” Body Armour: 450 M.D.C., 1D6/2D6 M.D. from Vibro Fins – only worn on duty/combat. C20 LASER Pistol: 2D6 M.D., 800ft. C40 Pulse LASER Rifle: 2D6 M.D./6D6 M.D OR 3D6/1D6×10, 2000ft. CA3 Light Dead Boy Armour: 400 M.D.C.
Abilities: None, short of being a medically trained soldier.
Spells: None.
Psionics: None.

Happy Gaming,

Any image or information provided pertaining to Rifts is the sole property of Palladium Books and any authors or artists therein. I claim no ownership of content, nor do I claim ownership of any borrowed fan-made creations as may be sourced above.

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