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Rifts Game Master Kit: A Worthy Pack of Resources for DM’s


Palladium Book’s Rifts RPG is a huge game! With a massive collection of World, Dimension, Conversion, and Core Books or otherwise, that’s a lot for a DM to remember, much less sift through to find each and every thing you need for the perfect encounter when your players inevitably destroy the campaign you had planned!

To make it easier on us poor, unappreciated, table riding DMs, Palladium had released a “Rifts Game Master’s Kit” (which they also offer for their Palladium Fantasy RPG) as a digital supplement available for purchase through Drivethru RPG at a very reasonable $5.00. This packet is also obtained for free for all “Megaversal Ambassadors” who apply for this title directly through Palladium Books.

So what’s included? In 50 pages, the crew over at Palladium tried to include the most helpful lists, charts, tables, and indexs they could put together. Here’s the breakdown:

▪ Game Master Reference Sheet
▪ Rifts Combat Matrix
▪ Rifts Skill List
▪ Alphabetized Spell List
▪ Various ‘Borg Worksheets
▪ Rifts Mini-Posters
▪ Rifts Character Sheets
▪ Rifts GM Logs
▪ Rifts Sample Characters
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