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High Level Toon Tuesday: Vorrk the Orc Blademaster (Warcraft)

This will be my first character post that does not start as a fresh level one toon, rather a prestige class with a total level count of 10! Originally, I was just going to write up an Orc Barbarian or Shaman, but something about “Blademaster” just had a nice ring to it. “Vorrk the Orc”, heh. Would the Two-handed Weapon Mastery Blademaster skill and Exotic Weapons Proficiency: Thorium feat stack (with Vorrk, that would add a 4x STR MOD bonus to damage, 2x from Two-handed Weapon Mastery and 2x from Exotic Weapons Proficiency: Thorium)? Due to the unpopularity of Warcraft RPG, I am sadly without answer. So I’d leave it up to the DM (I would personally allow it, especially with a Prestige class.)

Game: White Wolf Publishing’s Warcraft RPG
Books Needed: World of Warcraft RPG Core Book (First Edition), and Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook (3.5 Edition).
Recommended Setting: Either in a campaign with a starting level of 10 or as an NPC (or optional villian if used in an Alliance campaign.) Best suited to Horde based campaigns, perhaps with a wartime, fighting arena, bounty hunter, or other similar campaign theme. Can function in all but the most extreme climates.


Name: Vorrkash “Vorrk” Spineshatter
Level (+Adjustment): 5 Barbarian/5 Blademaster (+0)
Race: Orc
Class: Blademaster (Prestige class)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliations: Horde
Languages: Common, Orc.

Attributes (bonuses included in final score)
STR (MOD): 18 (+1 leveling bonus) (4)
DEX (MOD): 17 (3)
CON (MOD): 13 (+2 racial) (1)
INT (MOD): 14 (-2 racial) (2)
WIS (MOD): 14 (+1 leveling bonus) (2)
CHA (MOD): 16 (3)

Health Points: 65 (+1D12/Barbarian lvl or +1D10/Blademaster lvl)
Initiative: Not applicable.
Speed: 30ft (+10ft if in Medium or lighter armour not bearing a heavy load.)
Size: Medium
Armor Class (10 + Armour Bonus + Shield Bonus + DEX MOD + Size Mod + Special Bonuses): 18
Base Attack/Grapple: +10/+0
Space/Reach: 5ft
Penalties: Not applicable.
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