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Toon Tuesday: Jadesky the Human, Earth/Air Elemental Fusionist (Rifts)

I’ve played an Earth/Air Elemental Fusionist in the past, and she quickly became one of my favorite characters. It was easy to pour my own personality onto the page, and the combination of opposite elements and their powers have truly made it one of my favorite caster O.C.C.s in all of Rifts. Fusionists do not begin play with a salary or much in the way of credits, but given her occupation, I figured a small working wage was applicable. Given the nature of her job (mining, excavations, and underground rescue) and her power class, it’s a relatively easy and quick way to make some extra cash, plus she often gets to keep any gemstones she uncovers. She also begins play with two insanities, one to start with and the other a result of childhood trauma (detailed in her backstory.)

Game: Palladium Books’ Rifts RPG
Books Needed: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts Book of Magic.
Recommended Setting: Any starting level adventuring group, though it is not recommended she be played in a group/campaign which takes place in or frequents cities, or one which is pro-CS.


'It's like none of you have ever worked a mine before; it's all about support! Without supporting the structure, you run out of breathable air, and then I have to come in here and dig your sorry asses out!' - Jadesky

General Information
Nickname: Jadesky
Exp. Level: One
Experience Table: Elemental Fusionist
R.C.C.: Human
O.C.C.: Elemental Fusionist
Alignment: Unprincipled
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: Not applicable.
Charm/Impress: 30%
Health Points: 19 (+1D6/lvl)
S.D.C.: 46 (+1D6/lvl)
M.D.C.: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: 119 (+1D4+4/lvl)
I.S.P.: Not applicable.
Chi: Not applicable.
Horror Factor: Not applicable.

IQ: 13
ME: 18
MA: 13
PS: 21 (Lift/Carry: 840/420 lbs.)
PP: 15
PE: 19
PB: 16
SPD: 16 (Run: 10 mph.)
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