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Toon Tuesday: Sherman the Scilinoid Soldier (Wayfarer: TBW)

I really adore how much I can play around with the cultures and planets of Wayfarer and its listed races. This was an exercise in exploring such unknown, vaguely described territory. While the Scilinoids are described as fairly primitive, I feel the language barrier has a lot to do with this as a preconceived notion. They have their own underground cities and representatives, and I think, much like humans, different “skin” colors and ethnically diverse cultures. I also like to believe that Scilinoids physically grow their children like seeds, first in the ground, and then after they get their protective layers, above ground (they are described as rock like in appearance but plant like in nature.)

Once again, this character is created based on Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder, which I reviewed previously.

Game: Wayfarer by Ill Gotten Games.
Books Needed: Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder.
Recommended Setting: Any starting adventuring group. Perhaps this character ended up getting lost or accidentally left behind during an attack on those they were guarding and met up with the party.

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Name: Sherman
Race: Scilinoid
Occupation: Soldier
Magic Pool: None

Strength (STR): 9
Dexterity (DEX): 4
Bulk (BUL): 8
Agility (AGI): 3
Endurance (END): 5
Reason (REA): 2
Perception (PER): 2
Willpower (WIL): 7
Creativity (CRE): 3
Charisma (CHA): 1

Functional Attributes
Power (POW): 8
Fortitude (FOR): 10
Coordination (CRD): 3
Action (ACT): 2
Speed (SPD): 9
Mass (MAS): 18
Aptitude (APT): 3
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Toon Tuesday: Rodo the Small, a Badger-Pookah Warrior (Wayfarer: TBW)

Since I recently posted a review for Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder, and because I needed a break from my string of Rifts characters, I figured I should test out the character creation process! What better excuse than Toon Tuesday?

I found the process itself to be pretty streamlined; it took me 40 minutes (not counting breaks between my toddler’s naps) and everything was fairly easy to find in the book – though I had read the text beforehand. I did not use completely random generation (as is an optional feature during creation), since I started with a vague idea that just took on a life of its own as I continued. The Tricks (kind of like Feats) are an especially interesting part of this character, as his size factored heavily into my selections. This was very entertaining and easy to write up, I’ll have to start my own campaign for it soon to test the game play.

I had to take some artistic liberties in back story, family trees, and other personal areas, because while the book gives an idea about the Fairy Courts and its people, it is a vague one (specifically designed to be open to interpretation, I’m sure.)

Game: Wayfarer by Ill Gotten Games.
Books Needed: Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder.
Recommended Setting: Recommended to any average adventuring group who needs a brawler/melee combat specialist. Though he would be better suited to a fantasy campaign or a Tech Level of 5 or less, he could still function in a higher level/sci-fi environment, he’d just be a bit out of his depth. He would be unsuited allied with evil-doers.


'Take it from me, it's the small ones you need ta watch out fer! 'Ve taken down great bullies bigger 'n you before!' - Rodo the Small

Name: Rodo the Small
Race: Pookah (Badger Sub-Species)
Occupation: Warrior
Magic Pool: 15
EXP: 0

Strength (STR): 5
Dexterity (DEX): 4
Bulk (BUL): 2
Agility (AGI): 4
Endurance (END): 6
Reason (REA): 2
Perception (PER): 4
Willpower (WIL): 4
Creativity (CRE): 3
Charisma (CHA): 5

Functional Attributes
Power (POW): 3
Fortitude (FOR): 2
Coordination (CRD): 4
Action (ACT): 4
Speed (SPD): 7
Mass (MAS): 5
Aptitude (APT): 3
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