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Breachworld: A New, Rifts-Inspired, Mini D6 RPG

I don’t usually back a Kickstarter very early in the game, even if it’s got great pledge level rewards. I often wait it out a few days, see how fast it progresses, ponder of possible stretch goals, and so on. But when I saw Jason Richards Publishing’s Breachworld, I pledged for the softcover level immediately. Since then, I have raised my pledge for the collector’s edition and threw in some extra for some sweet add-ons, too.

Why? Well, first off was a quote from Kevin Siembieda, lead writer and designer of Palladium Books and the Rifts RPG, on the home page (pictured below.)


But also the background, simple D6 system, gorgeous art (pictured below,) already available and affordable add-ons, full colour print, and perhaps most importantly, the creator’s own enthusiasm and involvement in the project drew me in better than any plot hook I’ve ever heard of! Jason is constantly providing updates for his backers, asking what they want or need from him and his project, responding to comments and questions by the next day and always in a positive manner.
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Palladium’s RIFTS: Any Adventurer, Any Adventure!

As far as tabletop, good old pen and paper gaming goes, everyone recognizes Wizards of the Coast‘s epic Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Whether they be miniatures, pre-generated short campaigns, core books, or otherwise, the “D&D” acronym is widely known and beloved.

One lesser recognized, though still cherished, brand of tabletop gaming is Palladium Book‘s RIFTS, a game that flaunts its nearly endless possibilities for character creation and campaign development. With a flexible Dungeon Master and enough snacks and time, anyone can jump in to the RIFTS story, from any point in time, and with any character for hours of fun! The best summation of RIFTS which I have ever heard come from my long-time Dungeon Master Father, “It’s like D&D, but with more customization capability and in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic setting where you can do anything and be anything!”
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