(ENDED/UPDATED) Giveaway: AGFPRO+Battlemat DLC (Digital, Minature RPG Creation)

EDIT 12/16/2014: I have sent out all of the notification emails to the winners! Watch out for the subject “You won in my AGFPRO+Battlemat giveaway!” Be sure to check your spam box just in case! AGF has surprised me with a surplus of keys, so everyone will recieve one key! If you still have not received an email notification, contact me at acdittmar@gmail.com and we’ll get it sorted out! Congratulations to those everyone, thank you to all who participated, and keep an eye out for future giveaways on my blog! :)

I have teamed up with the amazing Axis Game Factory to help celebrate their newly released Zombie FPS and Fantasy Side Scroller DLC products with a fantastic chance to win the AGFPRO program and their Battlemat minatures battle system DLC!

I’m always happy to see more opportunities for online tabletop gaming, and this one really catches my attention as a Dungeon Master. Please note that this is not a review of the program or DLC, just a quick rundown and a free giveaway for you to enioy!

What is AGFPRO?
AGFPRO is a comprehensive toolset program specifically designed to provide even casual users with a program that can create games with unique environments and multiple level support and options for game development. Though originally designed to run in concert with the free or professional versions of Unity 4, it does not require the Unity 4 program to play and is fully functional as a stand alone creation system.


AGFPRO also has two available versions: Basic and Premium. Both packages include the world editing, construction, and gameplay tools necessary to make and play a basic game model and both versions offer full support for any of the downloadable content packages; the Premium also includes Unity 4 conversion and support, use of hundreds of AGF sourced artwork, and the new ability to import/export hieghtmaps (any .png file can become a terrain!) Both packages (and the downloadable content) also run efficiently on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

What is Battlemat?

Battlemat is a DLC package run with AGFPRO that offers a digital minatures battle system that is fully customizable to fit almost any tabletop gaming system desired – including your own homebrew creations! It can be used in the traditional RPG minature gaming style, for wargaming, or for other play styles. You can game with up to 8 users at a time, save your games to come back to later, customize your entire campaign (maps, treasure, NPCs, quests, etc.,) and create your own world and rules that can be shared with other AGFPRO and Battlemat users.


With the Premium package of AGFPRO and Unity 3D, you can even render your own minatures to import and play with (though there are many great choices available with the Basic edition, as well.)


What are the prizes?
The prizes all include at least the Basic package for AGFPRO as well as the Battlemat DLC. They will be determined randomly through Rafflecopter entries and will be limited to 1 (one) prize per chosen winner. The game keys will be delivered via email, and so will require a valid email address to be received; if any winner does not respond to notification within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.

(3) Third Prize: AGFPRO Basic + Battlemat DLC Key Single player, regular price is $29.99, 3 (three) total prizes of this tier.

(2) Second Prize: AGFPRO Basic + Battlemat DLC Multiplayer Key 4 pack (1 for you and 3 to give away to your friends), regular price is $89.99, 2 (two) total prizes of this tier.

(1) Grand Prize: AGFPRO Premium + Battlemat DLC Key Single player, regular price is $99.99, 1 (one) total prize of this tier.

How can I win?
There are several, very easy ways to earn entries in this giveaway using the Rafflecopter page linked below (please note that completing the items within the module is the only way to earn entries). For those of you who prefer not to use Facebook and/or Twitter, you’ll be happy to see that you can still earn the majority of entries just from commenting on this blog post (this one that you’re reading right now) about any online (or offline) role playing experiences you may have had, and also visiting the AGS website to learn about and comment on the various features of Battlemat! This giveaway runs for 5 days, it will end at 12:00AM on 12/16/2014. Also note that I will not be announcing the winners publicly, as that kind of information is better off remaining private. However, if you do win and you want to show off a bit, feel free! Showboat all you want, it’s a great program and you potentially saved a lot of money winning it here!

My AGFPRO and Battlemat Rafflecopter giveaway!

Where can I buy these products if I don’t win?
Unfortunately, we cannot give product keys to every person who enters, or else we would. However, take heart! You can still purchase and download the AGFPRO program through Steam, or their website. You can also check out their brand new Zombie FPS and Fantasy Side Scroller DLC! Please keep in mind that you need at least AGFPRO Basic to play any of the DLC packages and access to the Steam Client to redeem the game keys. Links to purhase digital keys via AGF site below:

AGFPRO Program:

Battlemat DLC:
Battlemat (Battlemat DLC Only)
AGFPRO Basic+Battlemat
AGFPRO Premium+Battlemat
AGFPRO Basic+Battlemat Multiplayer (4 Pack)

Zombie FPS DLC:
Zombie FPS (Zombie FPS DLC Only)
AGFPRO Basic+Zombie FPS
AGFPRO Basic+Zombie FPS+Fantasy Side Scroller

Fantasy Side Scroller DLC:
Fantasy Side Scroller (Fantasy Side Scroller DLC Only)
AGFPRO Basic+Fantasy Side Scroller
AGFPRO Basic+Fantasy Side Scroller+Zombie FPS

Where’s that giveaway module, again?
Worpress.com does not allow Javascript and therefore widgets within the content don’t work and are replaced with links. This can be very confusing, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Just go to the link immediately below to start completing your entries via Rafflecopter!

My AGFPRO and Battlemat Rafflecopter giveaway!

May the dice be in your favour,

8 responses to “(ENDED/UPDATED) Giveaway: AGFPRO+Battlemat DLC (Digital, Minature RPG Creation)

  1. Christopher Slifer

    I’ve been playing tabletop rpg’s for years, most of the time with physical miniatures. Now this looks like it could be an awesome way to continue running those same games but as an even more immersive experience. I’m really interested in trying this out, or even better – getting the players to do all the legwork and make the beautiful characters and world they want to play in for me.


  2. I used to RP almost all the time, my head was absorbed in it. I almost feel like I’m going through withdrawals when I don’t to it. I guess D&D is my drug. I had to stop gaming because of school and I’m really looking to get back into it. I also DM and the two biggest problems I have are setting up encounters and actually organizing everything. I think, with the way my brain works, this program could really solve a lot of problems for me, actually.


  3. As GM for a Numenera campaign, Battlemat looks like the ideal solution to the problem of: “…you see…*stuff*…in front of you”


  4. Very pretty, I’m sure this will go gangbusters with certain gamers, but not my preferred style of gaming. I enjoy my tabletop with figures and FTF.


  5. This is the perfect way to keen on role playing sessions since we dont live nearby anymore!


  6. That looks pretty cool, I can see it being a big help for Unity developers.


  7. Looking forward to use this to introduce some friends into pen and paper gaming.


  8. This looks pretty awesome! Great way to combine pc/tabletop games.


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